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How to Beat Dan Players at GoQuest

Ebook (PDF, 53 pp.) that deals with strategy and stratagems for 9x9 go, which reflects the author's experience playing and exploring 9x9 go during the past 15 years (ca. 4,000 games played). The book consists of 14 chapters that describe how to beat some 1 6 dan players at GoQuest, and comes with the accompanying materials that will help you better understand the art of 9x9 go, and know how to beat dan players, including the world best 9x9 go players between 2016-2017.

Version History

Sep. 27, 2017

  • Have keener vision
  • Stay closer to tao of 9x9
  • Leading to 2 dan
  • Enjoy more 9x9 commentary

Sep. 10, 2017

  • Enjoy Chapter 1
  • Learn to beat 4 dan
  • Understand the three essential principles

June 19, 2017

  • Enjoy Chapter 15
  • Study like Alphago

June 10, 2017

  • Enjoy the art of counting in Chapter 8
  • Understand "Attack is the best defense." in Chapter 10

May 12, 2017

  • Enjoy Chapter 14
  • New strategy

Table of Contents
PREFACE..................... (4)
CONTENTS.................... (7)
CHAPTER 1 Dan Mindset........ 9
CHAPTER 2 Balance........... 12
CHAPTER 3 Cutting........... 13
CHAPTER 4 Generosity........ 14
CHAPTER 5 Sacrifice......... 15
CHAPTER 6 Dan Invasion...... 16
CHAPTER 7 Ko Fight.......... 17
CHAPTER 8 Counting.......... 18
CHAPTER 9 Solidity.......... 19
CHAPTER 10 Initiative....... 20
CHAPTER 11 Prediction ...... 21
CHAPTER 12 Multi-objectives. 22
CHAPTER 13 Great Wall....... 23
CHAPTER 14 Divine Games..... 24
CHAPTER 15 Common Mistakes....26
9x9 GO PROVERBS............. 27
BIBLIOGRAPHY................ 56
AUTHOR...................... 57

Sample Materials

Why You Need to Read This Book

If you can neither beat any 9x9 dan player at GoQuest nor can you beat Igowin Pro or Igowin HD at their maximum strength, even games, you are still a kyu player. If you would like to beat hundreds of them, or if you are trying to reach the master level of 1 dan (9x9 shodan), this Ebook might serve you well. Applying the art of 9x9 described in the book, I beat hundreds of 1-2 dan players and many 3-6 dan players at GoQuest.

Beating dan players is a prerequisite for reaching Shodan, which is a hard goal to achieve. Most players have played more than 4,000 games, and are still kyu players (da West, 2016). If you, too, are a kyu player, this book might help you reduce your retention time in the kyu state. The book deals with fundamental 9x9 strategy and stratagems that reflect my experience playing 9x9 go during the past 15 years (> 4,000 games played). There are 14 chapters that describe how I beat hundreds of 1 - 6 dan players at GoQuest. Some of the dan-level games were diagrammed, commented, and originally published at the Sensei's Library and included as the accompanying materials of this book, which serves as an operational guidance. If you are not sure whether you should read this book, you may consult, where opinions had been sounded out by Malresser (2016). Some of the comments are given on the back cover of this book.

Once you understand the art of 9x9, notable results must follow. The strongest player, I beat by using the art of 9x9, was skillup, 6 dan. He was one of the world top 500 9x9 go players in 2017. Hence, I am pretty sure The Art of 9x9 Go will help you breakthrough to genuine shodan. How do you know you are already a genuine shodan? Look at your game statistics at GoQuest. If your Elo scores in all cases are above 1700, both Black and White, you are.

If you are already a shodan, you do not need to read this book unless you have stopped playing the game for a very long time and want to recover the shodan spirit. In this case, jump to Chapter 14, where the top secret of 9x9 strategy is revealed.

Monteo da West, 1 dan
World Go Academy

To assure you that this book can lead you to the shodan level, I have further improved my 9x9 mindset, eliminated what I once regarded as good practices but now as wrong ones, and replaced them with the better ones. Then, my strength has progressed to 2 dan (R>1800) at the 448th game. So, it is a time to edit The Art of 9x9 Go to show how to play like a master.

Monteo da West, 2 dan
President, WGA
Sep. 27, 2017

To assure you that this book can help you breakthrough to Shodan, I have further improved my 9x9 mindset, by eliminating what I once regarded as good practices but now as wrong beliefs, and replaced them with the better ones. Then, my strength has become 2 dan (R>1800). So, it is a time to edit The Art of 9x9 Go to show how to play like a master. The blue text represents the mindset that made me reach 2 dan. The black text represents the basic mindset of Shodan. Proper applying the art of 9x9 noted in this ebook, I could beat all three 4 dan players I met on Nov. 26, 2017.

Monteo da West, 2 dan

Nov. 26, 2017

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