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Center-point opening  

I am Black, using the center-point opening. This is an old game. Nowadays, I prefer a to B1 because a can better support B2 in attacking the enemy.

Soft attack  

W2 attacks black+circle, and B3 attacks W2, softly. It is a soft attack because White and Black have many but fewer ways to go. This is just a path way blocking. Here W2 has to extend downwards.

Welcome an attack  

B5 invites White to extend westwards. B5 also makes it hard for White to invade the top left corner.

Offer a complex battle  

W6 touches black+circle as White wants to offer a complex fighting in this area, to destroy Black's potential territory. B7 is better than a, as W6 is far from its supporting army, white+circle.

Corner exchange  

This is a complex fighting that White creates. White can exchange the top left corner with the bottom left corner. If White can occupy two corners successfully, he will beat Black with ease.

Attack before  

B21 is better than a, as it attacks White before defending B19.

Unusual move  

B23 is unusual. My strategy is to play a sente defend if White plays a, then I will attack the right white group. Playing an unexpected good move is a beauty of go, which requires wisdom to discover.

Unusual move  

As expected, White attacks at a, and Black plays a sente defend, forcing White to capture black+circle.

White is now leading. To beat him, Black needs a complex fighting to destroy the white army on the right-hand side. Touching attack is the art of demolition for the side that is following. You need to take a risk if you clearly go after the opponent.

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