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Darksniper 8 dan beat AyaXbot? 6 dan

The Invisible in 9x9 go  

The secret of go study, since the Edo period, particularly at the Honinbo house, is to understand WHY the best go player played like he did. At that time, it's hard to know who is the best, and even harder to know how he played unless you have his game records. This is not true nowadays, during the Internet period.

This game is the first invincible 9x9 game to accompany this book.

The best 9x9 go player. In 9x9 go, there are only 12 people who have reached 8 dan GQ, including Spaceman 9 dan GQ--the top player at GoQuest. Among them, Darksniper 8 dan GQ has the best statistics: He played least, and beat almost all the opponents. You should review his games if you want to study the art of 9x9 go at the advanced level. Below is a game between 8 dan Darksniper (Black) and 6 dan :AyaXBot?, the second best Go playing AI which can beat Spaceman several times (The best AI is :AyaZbot 9 Dan, the player that has the top Elo!

New orthodox  

Attack at the very beginning, with B3. Black started with the New Orthodox Opening of B1, W2, and B3, which is Darksniper's most favorite formations. B3 both attacks W2 and defends the bottom right corner.


De-balances the shape of White, with B5. Black is ready to divide its army after B5, while White becomes unstable and needs a complex fighting to change the situation. White needs to play a touching attack.

Fight back  

Fight back a touching stone with a sente hane. W6 both attacks black+circle and blocks it from the major army on the right. B7 is a common response to a touching attack. The bending stone creates a weak point at a, which should appear far from the enemy.

Give, in order to get  

Give before you get. W8 touches Black in order to exchange for space on the top right corner, by using W8 to control Black's responses. If Whites simply played a, he would end up with no space at the corner.

Bad cutting  

Allow division if your split armies can live well. Although White can cut Black into two groups, both of them are strong, easy to become immortal.

Attack before defend  

Attack before you defend. B11 and W12 apply the proverb. White allows white+circle to die, as he wants to use W12 for supporting the defend at a and serving as a basis for camping at the top right corner.

Allow him to live  

Allow the enemy to live in a confined area. as done by B13, which makes the southern black group look solid and have a bright future: Black can play a big and strong move at a.

Bright defend  

Defending that can jump later is good. as done by B15, which is low enough to defend the corner and can jump to a later.

Attack before  

Don't reply a gote attack if you can do a sente attack. Black does not reply W16 because he has a contingent plan: to play at b if White plays a. He attacks with B17 instead, which, if ignored, can cut white+circle from the big white group. B17 with black+circle also demonstrates the proverb "play diagonally if you are near the strong enemy."

Allow him to live  

Allow the enemy to live if his army is small. B19 allows white+circle and W18 to live at the corner, and claims the bottom right corner. Black and White look balance, but Black can either attack more at a, or extend to b. White sees these risks, but he wants to play a sente move on the next move.

Safety first  

Safety first. W20 makes the whole white group strong, while the northeastern black group has not been well established yet. It is urgent to help this black group, with B21

Attack the weakest  

If you don't know where to play, attack the weakest stone, as done by B23. White has two groups, which are both strong. white+circle is the only weak stone on the board, so Black attacks it, which also makes this black group even stronger.

Sente defend  

Small but strong is better than big but weak, as shown by B25. As W24 is not powerful; Black can reply it later. Black plays a small, strong, sente move at B25.


Kill him before he kills you. If Black does not capture white+circle, White will kill the black stones here. White wants to make it difficult for the southern black groups to survive.

Read ahead  

Read many stones ahead. If Black ignores W28, he will be in trouble because of White a.

Heading a free space  

Defend by attacking and moving toward a free space. B29 defends black+circle and attacks white+circle. It also moves toward a free space with potential opportunity. W30 is a basic reaction for limiting Black's development.

Big gote defend  

If it is big to defend, defend it, even with gote. B31 is a big gote defends.

Weak attack  

Don't reply a weak attack if you have a bigger point to play. W32 is a weak attack, which cannot kill or destroy any black stone. Black can play somewhere else that has a future potential. Eye for a free space.

Extend from a strong group  

Move from a strong base if you have to contact the enemy. B33 extends from the strong black group, which is better than a or b as the local bases of Black are not strong enough to support the attack at a or b.

Crucial point  

Don't let him stand. B35 makes it hard for White to force Black around here.


You can block if you can survive. B37 blocks White and kills his own space from 4 to 3 points. This is okay as white+circle cannot manage to kill this black group.

Attack the weak side  

Attack at the weak side. B39 attacks the weak side of White. If ignored, Black can demolish this weak wall at a.

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