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Handiwin opening  

I was Black. We opened with moves that are common in high dan games. B5 is quite defensive. Nowadays I prefer a to B5, as it is more invasive.


White played copy moves until W6. Black haned with B7 as a reply to the contact move. Black was a bit ahead.


If Back plays at a, many weak points will be emerged: b and c, leading to potential turbulence. The ultimate art of go is to make the situation clear and simple. Black should play at b, to bring the future situation under control.


White helped Black fix his shape with W10. He might think this is a good negotiation. He wanted to occupy the right side and let Black govern the left side. Black will happily play at a to wall his city. Never help your enemy build a wall.


White weaken black+circle with W12 which, however, kills his own space and looks very defensive. Black can strengthen black+circle by playing at a, which can invade later at b. A lesson that White should learn is this: Avoid a defend that kills your own space.


B13 both defends black+circle and can invade more at a. This is called moving with the bright future. White ignored B13 and attacked with W14, which is a gote move and has no bright future. Black will enjoy blocking at b.


To play at a is big for Black, but B15 is still weak and prone to be attacked with high potential risk. Black should play at b to make B15 a strong wall and keep the game simple.


Black ignored W18 and believed White would immediately answer B19, which is incorrect. White wants to capture B17 instead.


White played a series of attack, with W20 and W22. Then, he defended black+circle with W24. Now Black has a sente attack at a, which is bigger than b.


B25 is the biggest sente attack left for Black to play. Now the next big attack is a, followed by b. During the endgame, attack at the biggest point first.


B29 is bigger than a, and also a sente attack, which gives Black full power for endgame control.


B31 is the last sealing move on the edge, but the war is not over yet. Black still has the weak points at a, b, c, and d, which make black+circle at risk.


Fix the weakest stone before you pass, as shown by B33. White has no chance to invade and live in the city of Black.

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