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Darksniper Joseki  

Black beat White (3 Dan) by resignation. The opening of Moves 1-5 is a popular formation in high dan games, which follows the proverb "The purpose which Black sets on every move is to attack White."

Attack the weakest stone  

Attack the weakest stone, as B7 did. B7 also helps making black+circle strong, and weaken both groups of White.


W8 split Black into two groups. The lower group is now the weakest army; it is most urgent to help this group. There are three methods for helping a weak group. If you have a large space, you should jump. If you have another army of yours nearby, you should extend. If you are underemergeny and can be captured, you should connect your stones. Here, Black needs to jump. The question is where?

TIPS: While you are looking for a defensive move, you should also be thinking about a defensive move that attacks the enemy too, such as making it hard for the enemy to live or making his space smaller.


B9 helps black+circle and destroys the potential space of White in the middle left zone.

Powerless Blocking  

W10 is a powerless blocking move because it jumps too far from its base, and black+circle is stronger than it looks because of the supporting army, black+square. It would be good for Black if he will hane at a and allow black+square to be cut from black+circle.

Trade off  

After the hane with B11, White manages to cut Black as predicted. The game seems balance and good for White.

m 16 Thank you  

White tries to push Black toward the upper zone, but the action is again powerless. Black will thankfully defend at a, which makes the upper zone a walled city. Now the points of both players look balance but the shape of Black looks more solid and secure than White's.

Wing opening  

White did a hane attack with W18, to claim the lower right zone and to get prepared for attacking the North East zone. Black is interested in cutting white+circle from white+square.

Double attacks  

B19 attacks both white+circle and white+square. This is called killing two birds with one bullet. White needs to decide which group to help first. He thinks black+circle is weak and needless to prevent white+circle from it; he wants to help white+square first.

To cut  

White chose to help the eastern army with W20. It is not clear whether black+circle could live. Cutting White at a would make white+circle weaker than black+circle, and would put the biggest white group in uncertainty.

Wing opening  

White saw the risk posted by B21, and answered with W22. Black is under pressure; he must prevent this army from being captured. The best way is to play sente attack at a, as white+circle is the weakest stone here. Then, widen the base by playing at b. This is called "Open your wings."

Collapsed ladder  

W26 will fail to capture black+circle because Black has black+square as the backing army that will make Black win the ladder race.

Counter capture  

W32 will also fail to capture black+circle as Black can counter capture at a, following the proverb "Kill him before he kills you."

Certain answer  

White tried to help his big group by offering contact fighting, as done by W34. Fortunately, Black is ready to welcome any attack after the wing opening. Here, a is a certain answer.


White also tried to open his wings with W36, but not good as the white+cross are very nearly dead. The learning point is that ""Don't help the dead stones as if they were to live again."


From B37 forwards, White has nothing to do except getting killed.


White initiated a ko fight, which will not cause any major damage to Black.

No risk  

Never take a risk if you are leading, as shown by B41 and B43.

Go ahead  

White has a fighter's spirit, hoping to kill this black group and then help the big white group. Black can destroy more White's space by playing at a before b. This is called "Attack before you defend."


The end of White. He was outscored and forced to resign with B47.

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