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0320henachoco 1 kyu resigned

Battle field  

This game shows how to play strategic moves that change the game and lead me to victory. Eye moves 32-40. I am White. Black is 1 Kyu GQ.

Stay humble  

Black plays Dosaku opening at B1, while White a humble 3-3. My strategy is to appear small at the first move, W2, and to see what Black will do next.

Balance strategy  

W4 makes the two sides balance, which is good for White as the komi is 7. White can keep balance to beat Black.

How to hane  

W6 is a good response to a touching attack (B5). B5 becomes weaker, although White still has some weak points to cure. W6 is also ready to hit black+circle if the situation calls for.


W8 both attacks the left black group and fixes White's weak shape by forming a wall. White is even more ready to attack black+circle. This is attacking two weak groups at once.

Attack the weakest stone & solid playing  

W10 attacks black+circle, while fixing White's weak point. black+circle is the weakest stone on the board because it is near the enemy big group. This is attacking the weakest stone. Now, White has no weak points left. This is solid playing.

Strong A&D  

Attack before you defend, as illustrated by W12. B11 might expect White to play a, but that is not urgent for White. In 9x9 go, he, who more forcefully attacks, wins. W12 does not only attack black+circle, but also forms a tiger mouth, which can become an eye with ease. It is a very strong attack-and-defend move.

Touching & blocking  

Attack before you defend, again, as W14 does, which attacks the two black stones, blocks them from linking with the upper army (black+circle), and influences black+circle.


W16 is a powerful sente attack, which, if ignored, can kill the bottom black group, and divides the board into two sectors--good for White. White also influences black+circle even more.

Sente attack  

Keep attacking a big weak group with a sente move, as W18. This is also using the proverb "Attack before you defend." While playing locally, you should think globally, by counting the potential territories of both sides, and make sure you are leading globally.

Big gote defend  

W20 is a big gote defend. A gote yet big move is good.

Sente defend  

W22 is a sente defend. A sente move is always good.

Attack at the middle  

W24 attacks both black+circle stones at once. White plans to occupy the top right corner.

Attack before you defend  

W26 attacks Black before defending white+circle.

Pressing Defend  

W28 both defends white+circle and attacks the group of black+circle.

Farmer's hat  

B29 forces White to play a bad shape: Famer's hat.

Dan-level strategy  

White needs a dan-level strategy to change the game. Good strategy pushes or attracts the enemy to move in your way and end up with your victory. Here, White should let one stone die, and then play strategically to kill this black group. The dead point of Black is a. 19x19 go players may deem this strategy as a simple local tactic, and think there is no strategy in 9x9 go at all, which I don't share the same view. For discussion, see [ext]

Strategic moves "35 at 32"  

W32 to W40 are strategic moved that push Black to aporoach mortality.

No risk taken  

Take no risk if you are leading. W42 makes sure that the dead black group cannot cause any trouble in the future. This action makes Black resign.

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