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  • Attack by one point jump or kight moves.
  • Attack before you defend.
  • Kill him before he kill you.
  • Attack with sente first.
  • Attack with gote second.
  • Attack outside-in.
  • If you don't know where to play, attack the weakest army.
  • See clearly where there is a dead point of a big weak group, and hit it.
  • Fight back a touching attack with a sente hane.
  • De-balance the shape of White.


  • In a confined area, play diagonally.
  • To defend with sente is good.
  • Never miss a good change to help your big group.
  • If it is big to defend, defend it, even with gote.
  • See clearly where there is a dead point of your big weak group and cure it.
  • Don't reply a gote attack if you can do a sente attack.
  • Defending that you can jump later is good.
  • If split, the armies should have space to live.
  • Prevent all small risks after you play all big attacks.


  • Never take a risk if you are leading.
  • Solidity is where there is no room to attack.
  • Fix all the weak points before you pass.
  • Allow the enemy to live in a confined area.


  • Split your army if the enemy is going to occupy a very large area.
  • One point jump is bigger than it seems.
  • Great wall is so influential in 9x9 go.
  • Let the current situation decides what shape is good.
  • Play contact moves if you are outscored.
  • Move toward a free space with potential opportunity.


  • Exchange for a bigger zone.
  • Add one or more stones to your dead stone if you have no big threat.


  • Any pro can make a mistake. the point is to see it.
  • Any kyu can know the art of go. The point is to understand it.
  • Anyone needs no joseki.
  • A few games a day.

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