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Here I present a solution, which I attempt to make as simple as possible, as well as involving the smallest area on the go board as possible. There are other possible variations, please see /Discussion. --unkx80


There is death in the hane. Black reduces White's eye space twice, and then makes the nakade (placement) inside, reducing White to one eye. If White captures at W6 and W8, Black can answer at B7 and B9 and White has no way out.

Note: B7 can be played at a instead. Likewise, B9 can be played at b instead.

Variation 1  

If White descends at W2, B3 reduces the eye space further and B5 makes a placement, reducing White to just one eye. W8 captures two stones...

Variation 1  

B1 makes a throw-in and turns it into a false eye. If White tries to escape with W2, Black makes a net with B3. It is not possible for White to get out.

Variation 2  

W2 is tricky. B3 is one way, but there are other possible answers. When W6 captures, Black can actually defend at B7 as White has not enough eye space.


In the Solution diagram, when W1 captures a stone, Black should refrain from playing the atari at B2. It gives W3 a possibility to open up a ko. If Black tries to avoid the ko with B4 onwards, eventually he is caught in a net by W7 and still has to fight the ko.


B1 here is acceptable. After W2, now B3 can make the atari. There is no way for White to open up a ko.


The placement in the middle results in a seki.

Not Failure, Solution?  

Eaglehelm: I think this works, so the above diagram would be incorrect.

Still failure  

fractic: No this B3 doesn't work. White can make an eye with W4 and then Black can't prevent her from capturing B1 to make a second eye.

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