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Xinxiu (新秀赛), which means "New Talent" or "up and coming youngster", is a Chinese Tournament for youth players, has been sponsored by various companies in its history, including NEC and Ricoh.

NEC Xinxiu

From 1998 until 2001, the Xinxiu was sponsored by NEC, the winner played in the Japan-China New Faces match, part of the Japan-China Super Go match.

Nr. Year Winner   Runner-up
1st 1998 Ye Gui 5d 1-0 Luo Xihe 6d
2nd 1999 Dong Yan 6d 1-0 Duan Rong 6d
3rd 2000 Xu Shuxiang 5d 1-0 Ding Wei 7d
4th 2001 Dong Yan 7d 1-0 Kong Jie 5-dan

After NEC stepped down, the tournament continued under the sponsorship of various Chinese companies. (Winner - Runner Up)

Ricoh Xinxiu

In 2006, Ricoh became the sponsor.

Nr. Year Winner   Runner-up
1st 2006 Wu Guangya 3d 1-0 Yin Hang 3d
2nd 2008 Jiang Weijie 3d 1-0 Wang Wei 2d
3rd 2009 Mi Yuting 1d 1-0 Zhou Hexi 2d
4th 2010 Lian Xiao 3d 1-0 Li Haojie 3d
5th 2011 Yang Dingxin 3d 1-0 Fan Tingyu 3d
6th 2012 Li Xuanhao 3d 1-0 Yang Dingxin 3d
7th 2013 Li Qincheng 1d 1-0 Huang Yunsong 3d
8th 2014 Huang Yunsong 3d 1-0 Ma Yichao 2d

Ricoh stepped down after the 8th Ricoh Cup.

Fujian Boss Xinxiu

(吴清源杯中国围棋新秀赛) [ext] Chinese Wikipedia In 2017, new Xinxiu started. Fujian Boss Software became the main sponsor in 2018 (博思软件杯中国围棋新秀争霸赛). (Winner - Runner-up)

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