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This table lists the recommended McCune?–Reischauer form of recent Korean go players' names used with variant forms that have been recorded in English (usually from Korean sources). Family names are given first. Personal names usually have two characters but a few have one, and a few have more.

See for example [ext]–Reischauer.

McC–R forms are hyphenated and sound changes are not made. It is therefore possible to reconstruct the hangul form correctly, and to make a reliable stab at the pronunciation. For typographical reasons, the breve ( ˘ ) is replaced by a preceding 'e' (a standard usage, as in Seoul). The apostrophes are retained, although some standards organisations consider it acceptable to omit them in non-specialist texts.

The variant forms of personal names are given here unhyphenated, as is common, but some writers will hyphenate and others will leave a space between characters. Some will also capitalize the second word in the personal name.

Variants marked with an asterisk are obviously incorrect but have been included because they have appeared in western texts.

Full details of these players and all others from Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea are given in my Names Dictionary, now available in electronic form (with special character look-up program) on the GoGoD CD (see [ext]

This document may be copied and modified for non-commercial uses provided credit is given and modifications are noted.

John Fairbairn, London, 29 October 2001

Revised Romanization (RR) has largely replaced McC–R in official documents and signs. But mamy Koreans retsin the older form.

RR is often rather counter-intuitive. E.g., the "eo" vowel combination is pronounced somewhat like "uh", never like "ay-oh" or "ee-oh".

Table of contents


An Cho-yeong = Ahn Choyoung, Ahn Choyung, Ahn Joyoung, An Joyeong

An Kwan-uk = An Kwanook, An Gwan-uk

An Tal-hun = Ahn Dalhoon, An Dalhun

An Yeong-kil = An Yungkil, An Younggil

An Kyong-Bok? = An Kiong-Bok, An Kyeung-Bok


Ch'a Min-su = Cha Minsoo (= Jimmy Cha)

Ch'a Su-kweon = Cha Soogwon, Cha Sugweon


Ch'eon P'ung-cho = Chun Poongjo, Chun Poongjho, Chon Poongcho, Cheon Pungjo

Ch'oe (Choi)

Ch'oe Ch'ang-weon = Choi Changwon

Ch'oe Ch'eol-han 최철한 = Choi Cheolhan

Ch'oe Kyu-pyeong = Choi Kyubyung, Choi Kyubyeong, Choi Gyubyung, Choe Gyubyeong

Ch'oe Min-sik = Choi Minsik, Choi Minshik

Ch'oe Mun-yeong 최문용 = Choi Moonyong, Choi Munyong

Ch'oe Myeong-hun = Choi Myunghoon, Choi Myounghoon, Choy Myunghoon, Choi Myeonghoon, Choi Myeonghun, *Choi Myeonhun, *Choi Mingkung

= Choi Dongeun 최동은


Chang Chu-chu = Kang Jugu (= Chinese Jiang Zhujiu = "Jujo")

Chang Myeong-han = Jang Myeonghan

Chang Su-yeong 장수영 = Jang Suyoung, Jang Sooyoung, Chang Sooyoung, Jang Sooyong, Jang Suyeong

Chang Tu-chin = Jang Doojin, Chang Dujin, Jang Dujin


Cheon Seu Wien = Cheon Suwien, Chen Shien (= Taiwanese Chen Shiyuan)

Cheon Yeong-seon = Jeon Yeongseon, Jun Youngsun, Jeon Youngseon, Jeon Youngsun, *Jong Hyungsan


Cheong Hyeon-san = Jung Hyunsan, Chung Hyunsan, Jeong Hyeonsan

Cheong Su-hyeon = Jeong Soohyun, Jeong Suhyeon, Jong Soohyun, Chung Soohyun, *Jang Soohyun, *Seong Suhyeon

Cheong Tae-sang = Jong Daesang, Jung Daesang, Chung Taesang, Chung Daesang, *Chung Taesan

Cheong Tong-sik = Jung Dongsik

Cheong Sewon? = Jeong seawon, jung sewon, jong sewon


Cho Ch'i-hun 조치훈 = Cho Chihoon (= Japanese Cho Chikun)

Cho Han-seung 조한승 = Cho Hansung

Cho Hun-hyeon 조훈현 = Cho Hunhyun, Cho Hoonhyun

Cho Hye-yeon 조혜연 = *Cho Haeryun, *Cho Hyeon

Cho Mikyung

Cho Nam-ch'eol = Cho Namchul, Cho Namcheol

Cho Sang-yeon 조상연 = Japanese Cho Shoen

Cho Seon-chin 조선진 = Japanaese Cho Sonjin

Cho Tae-hyeon = Cho Daehyun

Cho Yeong-suk = Cho Young-sook


Chu Hyeong-uk = Chou Hyeongwuk, *Cho Hyeongwuk, Ju Hyunuk


Ha Ch'an-seok = Ha Chanseok, Ha Chansuk, *Ha Janseok

Ha Ho-cheong 하호정 = Ha Hojung, Ha Hojeong, *Ha Hyojong

Ha Yeong-il = Japanese Ha Yon-iru


Han Ch'eol-kyun = Han Chulgyoon, Han Cheolgyun, Han Chulkyun

Han Chong-chin = Han Jongjin, Han Chongjin

Han Hae-weon 한해원 = *Han H'ye-won

= Han Sanghoon, Han Sanghun


Heo Chang-heui = Ho Changhee, Heo Janghwi, Huh Janghoi


Hong Chang-sik = Hong Jangsik, Hong Jangshik

Hong Chong-hyeon = Hong Chonghyun, Hong Jonghyun

Hong Kkoch'-no-eul 홍꽃노을 = Hong Kkonnoul (as pronounced), Hong Gottnoul

Hong Malk-eun Saem = Hong Malgunsem (professional at the Kansai Ki-in)

Hong T'ae-seon = Hong Taesun, *Hong Daeseon, *Heung Taeseon


Hwang Yeom = Whang Yeom, Hwang Ien (= Chinese Huang Yan)

Hwang Weon-chun = Hwang Weonjun, Hwang Wonjoon, Whang Wonjun


Hyeon Mi-chin 현미진 = Hyun Mijin


Im Chang-sik = Yim Changshik

Im Seon-keun = Im Seongeun, In Sunkeun, Lim Sunkeun, *Lim Sumkum, Yim Sungun, *Im Seongkun

Im Sun-t'aek = Lim Soontaek, Yim Soontak

im jung hye won


Kang Ch'eol-min = Kang Chulmin, Kang Cheolmin

Kang Chi-seong = Kang Jisung, Kang Jiseong

Kang Hun = Kang Hoon

Kang Man-u (no other form noted)

Kang Mun-ch'eol = Kang Moongil

Kang Seung-heui 강승희 = Kang Sunghee, Kang Sunghui

Kang Yoo Taek

Kang Tong-yun 강동윤 = Kang Dong Yoon


Kim Ch'an-u = Kim Chanwu, Kim Chanwoo,kim junsoek

Kim Chae-ku = Kim Jaekoo, Kim Jaegu

Kim Ch'eol-chung = Kim Chuljung, Kim Chuljoong, Kim Cheoljoong

Kim Chong-chun = Kim Jongjoon, Kim Jongjun

Kim Chong-su = Kim Jongsoo, Kim Jongsu

Kim Chu-ho = Kim Juho

Kim Chun-yeong = Kim Jun-young

Kim Chwa-ki = Kim Jwaki, Kim Jwagi

Kim Hak-su = Kim Haksoo

Kim Heui-chung = Kim Huijoong, Kim Huijung, Kim Heechong, *Kim Hikseung

Kim Hye-min 김혜민 = *Kim Hyeomin

Kim Hyeon-cheong 김현정 = Japanese Kimu Hyonjon

Kim Hyo-cheong 김효정 = Kim Hyojung

Kim Hyo-kon = Kim Hyogon

Kim Ik-yeong = Kim Igyeong

Kim Il-hwan = Kim Ilwhan

Kim In (no other form noted)

Kim Kang-keun = Kim Kangkun, Kim Ganggun

Kim Ki-heon = Kim Kihun, Kim Giheon

Kim Ki-yong

Kim Kwang-sik = Kim Gwangshik, Kim Goangsik

Kim Man-su = Kim Mansoo

Kim Min-heui 김민희 = Kim Minhee

Kim Miri

Kim Myeong-hwan = Kim Myunghwan

Kim Myeong-wan = Kim Myungwan, *Kim Myeonwan

Kim Pyeong-min = Japanese Kimu Pyonmin

Kim Seok-heung = Kim Seokhung

Kim Seong-jae = Kim Seongjae, Kim Sungjae

Kim Seong-rae = Kim Sungrae

Kim Seong-ryong = Kim Sungryong, Kim Seongryong, Kim Songyong, *Kim Seonryong

Kim Su-chang = Kim Soojang, Kim Sujang, Kim Soochang

Kim Su-yeong = Kim Sooyoung, Kim Suyong, Kim Suyoung

Kim Seung-chun = Kim Sungjoon, Kim Seungjun, Kim Seungjoon, Kim Sungjun

Kim T'ae-hyang 김태향 = Kim Taehyang, *Kim Daehyang

Kim Teok-kyu = Kim Dokkyu, Kim Dukkyu, Kim Deokgyu

Kim Tong-myeon = Kim Dongmyun, Kim Dongmyeon

Kim Tong-yeop = Kim Dongyup, Kim Dongyeob, Kim Dongyeop

Kim Weon = Kim Wun, Kim Won

Kim Yeong-hwan = Kim Yonghwan, Kim Younghwan, Kim Youngwhan, *Kim Yungwan

Kim Yeong-sam = Kim Youngsam, *Kim Yonsam

Kim Yun-t'ae = Kim Yoontae, Kim Yuntae


Ko Chae-heui = Ko Jaehee, Ko Jaefi

Ko Chae-pong = Go Jaebong, Ko Jaebong

Ko Kwang-myeong = Go Gwangmyong, Ko Kwangmyung

Ko Kwang-rak = Go Gwangrack


Kong Pyeong-chu = Kong Byungju


Kweon Hyo-chin 권효진 = Kwun Hyojin, Kweon Hyojin, Kwon Hyojin

Kweon Kap-yong = *Kwun Gabryang, Kweon Gapyong, Kwon Gabryong

Kweon Kyeong-eon = Kweon Kyeongun

Kweon O-min = Gueon Omin

(Lee: see Yi)

See under Yi


Mok Chin-seok 목진석 = Mok Jinseok, Mok Jinseuk, Mok Jinsuk


Mun Dowon = Moon Dowon

Mun Myeong-keun = Moon Myonggun, Mun Myung-kun, Moon Myeonggun

Mun Yong-chik = Moon Yongjik


Na Chong-hun = Na Jonghoon, Lah Jonghun


Nam Ch'i-hyeong 남치형 = Nam Chihyoung, Nam Chihyung


No Chun-hwan = Noh Junwhan jun nam

No Yeong-ha = No Youngha, Noh Youngha, Roh Youngha


O Kyu-ch'eol = Oh Gyuchul, Oh Kyuchul, Oh Gyu-cheol

O Song-saeng = Chinese Wu Songsheng


Ok Teuk-chin = *Ok Deokjin, *Ok Deunjin


Paek Heung-su = Baik Hungsoo, Baek Hung-su

Paek Hong-seok = Baek Hong-suk, Baek Hong-seok

Paek Hyeon-woo = Baek Hong-woo, Baek Hong-wu

Paek Seong-ho = Baek Sungho, Baek Seongho, Baek Soungho, Bak Soungho, Paek Sungho

Paek Tae-hyeon = Baek Daehyun, Bek Daehyun, Paek Daehyun

Pak (Park)

Pak Chi-eun 박지은 = Park Jiun, Park Jieun, *Park Shiun, Park Si-un

Pak Chi-hun = Park Jihoon, Park Jihun, Park Jehun

Pak Chin-yeol = Park Jinyul, Park Jinyeol

Pak Cheong-sang 박정상 = Park Jungsang, Park Cheongsang, Park Jeongsang

Pak Chong-yeol = Park Jongyul, Park Jongyeol

Pak Jeong-hwan 박정환 = Park Junghwan, Park Jungwhan

Pak Pyeong-kyu = Park Byunggyu, Park Byeongkyu

Pak Sang-ton = Park Sangdon

Pak Seong-su = Park Seongsu

Pak Seung-ch'eol = Park Sungcheol, Park Seungcheol, Park Sungchul

Pak Seung-hyeon = Park Sunghyun, Park Seunghyeon

Pak Seung-mun = Park Sungmoon, Park Seungmoon, Park Sungmun

Pak Yeong-ch'an = Park Youngchan

Pak Yeong-hun 박영훈 = Park Younghun, Park Yeonghun


Seo Gunwoo = Seo Gunwu

Seo Mu-sang = Seo *Mun-sang

Seo Neung-uk = Seo Nunguk, Seo Neungwook, Seo Nungwook, So Nungwook, Suh Neungwook, Suh Nungwook, Seo Nyungwook, Seo Nungwuk

Seo Pong-su 서봉수 = Seo Bongsoo, Seo Bongsu, Suh Bongsoo, Suh Bongsu, So Bungsoo, So Bungsu


Sim Chong-sik = Shim Jongshik


Song T'ae-kon = Song Taegon


Weon Seong-chin = Weon Seongjin, Won Seongjin, Won Sungjin


Yang Chae-ho = Yang Jaeho

Yang Keon = Yang Kun, Yang Gun

Yang Sang-kuk = Yang Sangkook, Yang Sangguk


Ye Nae-wi 예내위 = Chinese Rui Naiwei 芮乃伟,芮迺伟


Yeom Ch'an-su = Yeom Chansu

Yeom Cheong-hun = Yeom Junghun, Yeom Jeonghun

Yi/I/Ri (Lee, Rhee)

Yi Ch'ang-ho 이창호 = Lee Changho, Yi Changho, I Chanho

Yi Ch'ang-se = Yi Changse, Lee Changse

Yi Chae-ung = Lee Jaeung, Lee Chaewung

Yi Chi-hyeon (female) 이지현 = Lee Jihyon, Lee Jihyun, Lee Jiheon

Lee Jihyun (male) 이지현

Yi Cheong-u = Lee Jungu, Lee Cheongwu

Yi Cheong-weon 이정원 = Lee Jungwon

Yi Chu-yong = Yi Jooyong, Lee Juryong

Yi Chun-hak = Lee Junhak

Yi Hong-yeol = Yi Hongyul, Lee Hongyeol

Yi Heui-seong = *Lee Hiseung, Lee Huiseong, Lee Heeseong

Yi Hyeon-uk = Lee Hyunuk, Lee Hyunwk, Lee Hyunug

Yi Hyeong-ro = Lee Hyungro, Lee Hyeongro

Yi Kang-il = Lee Kangil

Yi Ki-seop = Lee Giseop

Yi Kwan-ch'eol = Yi Kwanchul, Lee Gwancheol

Yi Min-ho = Lee Min Ho

Yi Min-chin 이민진 = Lee Minjin

Yi Pong-keun = Yi Bongkeun, Lee Bonggeun, Lee Bonggun

Yi Sang-ch'eol = Yi Sangchul, Lee Sangcheol

Yi Sang-hun = Lee Sanghoon, Lee Sanghun, Yi Sanghoon

Yi Se-tol 이세돌 = Lee Sedol, Lee Saedol

Yi Seong-chae = Lee Seongjae, Lee Sungjae

= Yi Sula 이슬아, Lee Sula

Yi Ta-hye 이다혜 = Lee Dah'ye, Lee Daehyeoi

Yi Tong-kyu = Yi Dongkyu, Lee Donggyu, Lee Dongkyu

Yi Yeong-sin 이영신 = Lee Youngsin, Lee Youngshin, Lee Yungshin, *Lee Youngjin

Yi Yong-ch'an = Lee Yongchan

Yi Yong-su = Lee Yongsu, *Lee Yungsoo


Yu Ch'ang-hyeok = Yoo Changhyuk, Yoo Changhyeok, Yoo Changhyock, Yu Changhyuk

Yu Chae-hyeong = Yoo Jaehyung, Ryu Jaehyung, Yu Jaehyung, Ryu Chaehyung

Yu Chae-seong = Yoo Jaesung, Yu Jaeseong

Yu Keon-chae = Yoo Kunjae, Yu Gunjae

Yu Kyeong-min = Yu Gyeongmin

Yu Pyeong-ho = Yoo Byoungho, Yu Byungho

Yu Si-hun 류시훈 = Japanese Ryu Shikun


Yun Chong-seop = Yun Jongseop

Yun Chun-sang

Yun Hyeok = Yun Hyuk

Yun Hyeon-seok = Yoon Hyunsuk, Yun Hyunsuk, Yun Hyunseok

Yun Ki-hyeon = Yoon Kihyun, Yun Kihyun, Yoon Gihyun

= Yun Jihee* 윤지희

Yun Seong-hyeon = Yoon Songhyun, Yun Sunghyun, Yun Seonghyeon, Yun Seonghyun

Yun Yeong-min 윤영민 = Yoon Yongmin, Yun Youngmin

Yun Yeong-seon 윤영선 = Yoon Youngsun, Yun Youngsun

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SAS: It would be useful if someone could do a similar list for the names of Korean tournaments, since there are various ways of spelling these too (e.g., Kuksu / Kuksoo / Guksu).

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