A Korean public broadcasting station which sponsors the KBS Cup and has occasional Baduk programming.

KBS has a number of recent, excellent videos on demand of fast games being played by Korean pros. These are reviewed during the game by professionals No Yeong-ha and Han hae-weon. You can find them at [ext] http://www.kbs.co.kr/1tv/sisa/baduk/vod/index.html.

The site requires registration, but it is free and not too painful for a non-Korean speaker. Once you click on a video, you will be prompted to log in. You can click on the button in the lower left to register, but this will just navigate to the following page, which has a button labelled in English where you can register as a foreigner: [ext] https://sso.kbs.co.kr/Join/Join.asp, so it might be easiest to just go to that page directly first. If you do this you will be sent an e-mail in English.

If you find it hard to follow the review in Korean, you can still enjoy watching famous players make faces during difficult positions.

There are other things you can watch on KBS as well.

Some info I found that helps me understand this fabulous show

Table of the KBS Cup

[ext] http://igo-kisen.hp.infoseek.co.jp/kbs.html

The list of the latest shows

baduk20070602	승자 2회전 루이나어웨이 九단 : 최철한 九단	KBS cup 2nd round: Lui Naiwai 9d (w) - Choi chul han (b)
baduk20070526	승자 2회전 김지석 三단 : 이세돌 九단		KBS cup 2nd round: Kim Ji Suk 3d (w) - Lee Se Dol 9d (b) B+3.5
baduk20070519	승자 2회전 박정상 九단 : 윤성현 九단		KBS cup 2nd round: Park Jung Sang 9d (w) - Yun Seunghyeon 9d (b) W+R
baduk20070512	승자 2회전 손근기 三단 : 홍기표 三단		KBS cup 2nd round: Son Geungi 3d (w) - Hong Kipyo 3d (b)
baduk20070505	승자 2회전 주형욱 四단 : 목진석 九단		KBS cup 2nd round: JooHyeonghun? 4d (w) - Mok Jin Suk 9d (b) B+R
baduk20070428	승자 2회전 목진석 九단 : 주형욱 四단		KBS cup 2nd round: Lee Changho 9d (w) - Hong Minpyo 5d (b) W+1.5 (2007/04/02)
baduk20070421	승자 2회전 이창호 九단 : 홍민표 五단		KBS cup 2nd round: Yoon Hyun Suk 8d (w) - Lee Young Gu 6d (b) B+R (2007/04/02)
baduk20070414	승자 2회전 원성진 七단 : 조한승 九단			KBS cup 2nd round: Won Sungjin 7d (w) - Cho Han Sueng 9d (b) B+R (2007/03/19)
baduk20070407	승자 1회전 김진우 三단 : 박정상 九단			KBS cup 1st round: Kim Jin Woo 3d (w) - Park Jung Sang 9d (b) B+3.5 (2007/03/19)
baduk20070331	승자 1회전 박승철 五단 : 김지석 三단  			KBS cup 1st round: Park Seung Chu 5d (w) - Kim Ji Suk 3d (b) B+R (2007/03/05)
baduk20070324	승자 1회전 루이나어웨이 九단 : 六단 이상훈			KBS cup 1st round: Lui Naiwai 9d (w) - Lee Sanghoon 6d (b) W+R (2007/03/05)
baduk20070317	승자 1회전 목진석 九단 : 박영훈 九단 			KBS cup 1st round: Mok Jin Suk 9d (w) - Park Young Hun 9d (b) W+R (2007/02/12)
baduk20070310	승자 1회전 원성진 七단 : 허영호 五단			KBS cup 1st round: Won Sungjin 7d (w) - Heo Yeongho 5d (b) W+R (2007/02/12)
baduk20070303	승자 1회전 서무상 六단 : 윤현석 八단			KBS cup 1st round: Seo Mu Sang 6d (w) - Yoon Hyun Suk 8d (b) W+R (2007/02/05)
baduk20070224	승자 1회전 손근기 二단 : 홍성지 五단			KBS cup 1st round: Son Geungi 2d (w) -  Hong Sungji 5d (b) W+R (2007/02/05)
baduk20070210	승자 1회전 이영구 六단 : 박승화 初단			KBS cup 1st round: Lee Younggu 6d (w) - Park Seungwha 1d (b) W+R (2007/01/29)
baduk20070203	승자 1회전 진동규 三단 : 주형욱 三단			KBS cup 1st round: Jin Dong Gyu 3d (w) - JooHyeonghun? 3d (b) B+R (2007/01/29)
baduk20070127	승자 1회전 백대현 六단 : 홍기표 三단			KBS cup 1st round: Paek Daehyun 6d (w) - Hong Kipyo 2d (b) B+R (2007/01/15)
 special20070124	제11회 삼성화재배 세계바둑오픈 선수권 -결승전 상하이 	11th Samsung Cup: Lee ChangHo KR 9p (w) - Chang Hao CH 9p (b) -  B+R Second final game
special20070122	제11회 삼성화재배 세계바둑오픈 선수권 -결승전 상하이 	11th Samsung Cup: Chang Hao CH 9p (w) - Lee ChangHo KR 9p (b) W+R First final game
baduk20070120	승자 1회전 윤성현 九단 : 박소현 二단			KBS cup 1st round: Yun Seunghyeon 9d (w) - Park Sohyun 2d (b) W+R (2007/01/15)


初단 1p (shodan)
二단 2p
三단 3p
四단 4p
五단 5p
六단 6p
七단 7p
八단 8p
九단 9p

Best korean players

  1. 이창호 Sung Hyun yoo
  2. 최철한 Choi chul han
  3. 이세돌 Lee Se Dol
  4. 박영훈 Park Young Hun
  5. 조한승 Cho Han Sueng
  6. 안조영 Ahn Jo Young
  7. 박정상 Park Jung Sang
  8. 송태곤 Song Tae Gon
  9. 이영구 Lee Young Gu
  10. 원성진 Won Seung Jin
  11. 조훈현 Cho Hun Hyun
  12. 김주호 Kim Ju Ho
  13. 유창혁 Yu Chang Hyuk
  14. 윤준상 Yun Jun Sang
  15. 강동윤 Gang Dong Yun
  16. 루이나이웨이 Lui Naiwai
  17. 이희성 Lee Whee Sung
  18. 고근태 Go Kun Tae
  19. 목진석 Mok Jin Suk
  20. 박지은 Park Ji Un
  21. 홍성지 Hong Sung Ji
  22. 백홍석 Park Hong Suk
  23. 조혜연 Cho Hye yeun
  24. 허영호 Hu Young Ho
  25. 김성룡 Ym Seung Ryong
  26. 진동규 Jin Dong Gyu
  27. 서봉수 Seo Bong Su
  28. 이정우 Lee Jung Woo
  29. 온소진 On So Jin
  30. 안달훈 Ahn Dal Hun
  31. 홍민표 Hong Min Pyo
  32. 윤성현 Yoon Seung Hyen
  33. 김승준 Kim Sung Jun
  34. 류재형 Ryu Jae Hyoung
  35. 김지석 Kim Ji Suk
  36. 이재웅 Lee Jae woong
  37. 윤현석 Yoon Hyun Suk
  38. 최명훈 Choi Myoung Hoon
  39. 강지성 Gang Ji Seung
  40. 김명완 Kim Myoung Wan
  41. 박승철 Park Seung Chu
  42. 서무상 Seo Mu Sang
  43. 손근기 Son Geun Gi
  44. 서건우 Seo Gun Woo
  45. 박승현 Park Seung Hyun
  46. 김진우 Kim Jin Woo
  47. 옥득진 Ok Deuk Jin
  48. 박정근 Park Jeung Gun
  49. 김기용 Kim Gi Yong
  50. 김환수 Kim Whan Su


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