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Hangul: 바둑

Baduk (Hangul: 바둑, RR: Baduk, M-R: Paduk) is the Korean name for the game of Go. Alternative spellings are Paduk and Badook. It is pronounced (approximately) "bah-dook" or, in IPA, [pa̠duk̚].[1]


In the 16th century, it was common in Korea to play Sunjang Baduk.

From the early nineties on, through the efforts of the older master Cho Hun-hyeon and his disciple Yi Ch'ang-Ho, who by then overtook the professional Go scene, Korean Go or baduk has revolutionized the entire Go world, as well on the level of tournament results, as on the level of knowledge (opening theory, shape, style). The following pages describe different aspects of baduk.

Pages about Korean Go aka Baduk


[1] Source: [ext] 바둑 in English Wiktionary. For sound samples of the pronunciation of the symbols, see [ext] the IPA page in Korean Wiktionary there /p/ sounds more explosive than /b/, /a/ is long and /u/ is a deep sound roughly as in English who. For a sound sample of the word, listen to [ext] 바둑 and [ext] baduk at with headphones or good loudspeakers.

For more details see [ext] Korean phonology in Wikipedia or [ext] Introduction to Korean, in particular the sections [ext] More Consonants and [ext] Three Faces of P.

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