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drawing of the face of a Bonobo ape
This drawing of a Bonobo ape is my avatar image almost everywhere; if you see it, it should be me

Hello there. My name is Thomas Rohde; friends call me Tom; on Go servers, my nick is trohde. I知 not yet sure how to use this page, whether as kind of a diary with adding below or just a profile which I値l have to update so as to reflect current status; so for now I値l add news below.


October 2011

This is Tom, *1957. I live in northern Germany and have recently founded a small Go training group where I am strongest player [not any more the strongest, as of December 2015, my regular 都parring partner who took two stones a year ago has overtaken me], but sadly I lack any deeper knowledge for teaching others how to play. Nevertheless I have already found a LOT of inspiration here and am sure to find more.

My first encounter with Go was at age of ~7, but sadly we didn稚 play much.

Igowin tells me that I currently oscillate between 12 and 4 kyu, but as I can see on the Igowin page, this is not reliable and so I probably am 8-15 kyu lower -> 27-12 kyu if I知 counting correctly. I guess it痴 time I check out KGS or IGS Go servers or something like these, or visit the next big Go club which is in Hamburg, 60 km north of my place. (I had edited this paragraph after Hyperpapeterie had commented, and I assume that that I may have asked whether it is rude to give an estimate of one痴 own rank.)

This is a wonderful site, thanks all!

You can also find me on Facebook at [ext] Im Deutschen DGoB-Forum and on my nick is 釘onobo, there I use the same Bonobo avatar image as on KGS.

Greetings, Tom

p.s.: I知 always interested in meeting other Go enthusiasts in Northern Germany PLZ 29xxx

Hyperpapeterie: Welcome! It's not rude to give an estimate of your rank, but I think that Igowin may give high estimates if I remember correctly, so bear that in mind if you meet other players who got their ranks elsewhere. (Feel free to remove this comment whenever it suits you, since this is your page).

Bonobo: Hello and thanks for the welcome :-) Thanks also for the hint re: Igowin, I致e corrected insofar as I now say 的gowin tells me and will prophylactically add one or two k in my mind.

Bonobo: 2012-02-22

Meanwhile I致e found to KGS, my nick there is 鍍rohde, and currently KGS thinks I知 12k. But I haven稚 played a lot in the past two months. I知 still new here and spend hours and hours reading from here to there getting lost sometimes. But I enjoy the time. Meanwhile sometimes I dream of Go, and when I try to sleep Go images get superimposed over anything else that I see in my mind

Bonobo: 2014-05-02

<sigh> too little time to write anything here meanwhile I mostly am on OGS fluctuating between 15k and 13k.

Bonobo: 2016-02-21

Meanwhile ~1110k on OGS, but playing correspondence games only, so I may perhaps be weaker.

Bonobo: 2016-05-09

I wonder, is there some chat or mailing list for active (editing) users? The more I edit here the more I feel a need to talk to other active editors. Please talk to me on G+, FB, L19, OGS, or In Real Life :-) and ich also spreche Deutsch ;-)

Bonobo: 2016-05-10

OK, I guess I should click Minor Edit more often ;-)

Bonobo: 2020-01-16

Meanwhile mostly oscillating between 9k and 8k on OGS, still correspondence exclusively; even scratched at 6k shortly once but that probably was due to some stronger players resigning too early or losing on time (and due to OGS volatile ranking, which I like).

Haven稚 edited anything on SL in a long time due to a challenging Real Life.

Bonobo: 2022-05-23

Rarely here, with Real and Virtual life overwhelming me quite often. Getting old is not always fun, especially since it seems to come suddenly sometimes ;-) but I appreciate and am grateful for having made it this far already, which I wouldn稚 have believed a few times earlier, if someone had told me I壇 still be here today. But yeah, tom-orrow might be different, aware of that also.

~6k OGS meanwhile, having scratched 4k shortly, 淘two steps forward, one step backward make for a solid stance, but, well, sometimes it is two steps backward again also <shrug> I知 fine with that however, as expectations will also be less stressful this way. SLOW progress is more enjoyable to me these days than rushing forward and being fearful of the next shootist coming my way.

If you壇 like to play a game預lbeit correspondence only, and extremely slow or even without time restriction揺it me up at [ext] and please TELL ME WHERE YOU FOUND ME so that I know

Bonobo last edited by Bonobo on May 23, 2022 - 13:57
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