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This page is for Go expressions that gain something in the translation.

They say everyone has a novel inside them. Mine is still to be liberated, so in the meantime, here's my best shot at Go Fan-Fiction. I have some ideas for Go sci-fi and Go detective stories, but to start off, here's an innuendo ridden romantic effort SiouxDenim.

It was a beautiful afternoon outside, but they chose to sit at the corner table. It was going to be a long day.

Their eyes met across the table. He betrayed no emotion. He looked so kind externally, if a little unkempt. He was clearly nervous near women.

She looked into his calculating eyes. How could he be so cold?

They had first chatted a few weeks before over the internet. He had been extremely curteous, even thanking her for her time. It was so liberating communicating with somebody she thought she'd never hear from again. She didn't even know his real name then!

He wasn't the sort of person who would give her any clues. She'd have to read the signs herself. What was he trying to do? She'd seen someone behave like this once before. What happened then? She couldn't remember. Was this why she was always such a loser? If only she could form a strong attachment.

How could she have got herself into this situation? She had been careful. Her friends and family knew where she was going. They all supported her. Ultimately though, it was her choice and her choice alone. No-one was going to make it for her.

He was playing mind-games with her and pretending it was just a bit of fun!

She was trapped. How could she escape? She ran through her options quickly in her head. She didn't have much time.

How dare he peep at her opening? Casting caution to the wind, she resolved to punish him. Pursing her lips slightly, she readied herself to fight. Life itself was at stake. She wriggled, but he clamped her tightly. She had already tried lightly pushing in his opening areas, now she would be more direct. Probing around his extension, she could force her way towards the edge of the table. Hopefully he was unsettled, self-defence now would hand her the initiative.

With lightening reflexes, he combined attack and defence with a cunning push. Why hadn't she seen it coming? All those self-help books she'd read in the small hours of the morning. Why didn't they ever help? It was all so unfair.

People had started to notice. A crowd hushed crowd looked on, but no-body was going to help her. She was on her own. What to do?

Time was running out. She had to act now. Moving swiftly yet carefully, she shielded her eyes. He cut deeply and clinically. The smell of death was in the air.

A flag flapped loosely in the wind. Her time had come.


Created by: SiouxDenim

Tamsin: Clever and witty as this is, I think you have to be extremely careful when dealing with, or even hinting at, violence against women. Are you really sure that this is in good taste, SiouxDenim? Personally, this story makes me uncomfortable.

Zarlan: Violence against women would be bad, but violence against men would be ok? (Note the absurdity)

OneWeirdDude: No, just not as bad.

Tamsin: Of course not.

Zarlan: So, no violence at all then?

TJ: I like it. The best sorts of stories are at least a little unsettling. I think it's not finished, though...more!*applause*

Zarlan: I liked it too. Quite funny. The only, slightly, unsettling thing was this part: "He cut deeply and clinically. The smell of death was in the air."

SiouxDenim: This is a collaborative website. If you think it's unfinished TJ, feel free to write some more. To keep Tamsin happy I'll do a version with the Man/Woman reversed :). Next up will be a detective story (free the rabbity six) and a story about the emigration of pieces from Othello-land to Go-world and the social chaos that results from their integration into a foreign culture (started in the English room of KGS on 2003/8/27).

ProtoDeuteric- I think this is quite an intelligent, insightful story that reveals one more of the many ways that go can be interpreted.

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