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Hiho everyone! I'm a low kyu player in (surprise) Mountain View, California. I can be found playing now most at the Go Center Of Second Life in the virtual world [ext] Second Life. I'm known as "Zarf Vantongerloo" there.

I used to play regularly at the [ext] Sunnyvale Go Club.

(This site disappeared in late 2014 or early 2015. See [ext] snapshots.)

I think my ShusakuNumber might be 6:

Shusaku (0) -- Iwasaki Kenzo (1) -- Shusai (2) -- Iwamoto Kaoru (3) -- James Kerwin (4) -- Shygost (5) -- MtnViewMark (6)

My [ext] home page has more info about me. You are also welcome to [email] e-mail me.

I am a confirmed RecentChanges junkie. I've also been given the title "RecentChangesJunkiesNightmare" (thank you Stefan... really! :-) I got that title for my massive twenty page edit of the Scoring and Counting pages.

In addition to learning to be a better player, my other Go interests are: Scoring systems, Counting methods and teaching Go to beginners, especially children. Recently, I've been /Thinking About Scoring again (as I build a game reporting system for the automated gobans in Second Life).

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