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Hi, I'm HET

  • HET=Huge Evil Toon
  • HET=His Evil Twin (you never know which one you deal with)
  • HET=Hacks Every Thin[gk]
  • HET=Human Emulator of Tamagotchi

My real name is Banguerski that is often shorted to Bang by my friends
(when i manage achieve something great they call me Master Bang :)

now, one could notice that

  • Bang is used to spell the '!' punctuation mark
  • '!' in C is negation
  • In russian (I am russian) 'No!' is said 'Niet!'
  • If you write 'Niet' in cyrillic you get HET

The circle is completed, Bang==HET

Besides that, I like to play Go and want to get strong.
You can find me on KGS and DGS.
As of sep. 2008 I had not login to KGS for so long that my account epxired and was registered by some one else.

I've got some inspiration at last, here comes my first haiku:

Originally in French:

Fin de parite
Mon thé froid a
Un gout amer

Translated in English:

Game is over
My cold tea has
A bitter taste

Translted in Russian:

Партия сыгранна
Мой остывший чай
Горький на вкус

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