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Haiku's so common,
That it has its own page, here.
Please go check it out.

see Go Limericks

El Go

Ma Rong's GoRhapsody ([ext] http://gobase.org/reading/history/china/?sec=part-5)

See Chen Zu-yan's article on Chinese Wei Ch'i Poetry [ext] http://www.usgo.org/resources/downloads/black_and_white.pdf

Long Ode to Watching Weiqi (观棋长吟) by Shao Yong (邵雍)

Full version: "Shao Yong's (1011-77) 'Great Chant on Observing Weiqi': an archetype of Neo-Confucian poetry.." The Free Library. 2006 American Oriental Society 09 Nov. 2016 [ext] https://www.thefreelibrary.com/Shao+Yong%27s+(1011-77)+%22Great+Chant+on+Observing+Weiqi%22%3a+an+archetype...-a0178448748

Watching a Wei-Ch'i Game (观棋并序) by Su Shi (苏轼)

A rather large collection of [ext] Chinese Go poetry.


by Konstantin Bayraktarov,
Bulgarian Go Academy

The Tree of Variants is heavy with fruit

Which are weight down like black and white peaches.

Suffessed with sunlight and full of life

Ripe stones themself on ethernal branches.

A vault of heaven, touching by a space breath,

Falls down on the soil raindrop or a snowflake

And this is only a short moment in numerous moves

They all are in unrepeatable shapes, growing for once.

Day and Night change themself in the Universe game,

The time is coming every move to be done.

A nacreous stone, of which a variant is going to grow,

Vibrates, hiding in it's heart firespark.

translated by Plamen Dimitrov

Korean Go poems : translated by Gwak, Jeong.

Kim, Si-seup(1435~1493)

A hundred years of life is like a game of Baduk ;

All pledges have flowed away at the blinking of eyes.

How about reddening our ears

in an enormous drinking spree ?

The mountain boy urges me to go home.

If I'm back home, calm will return again.

Heo,Cho-hui (1563~1589) .

Brilliant flower shadows cover the Baduk board ;

at midday, I play Baduk under the pine.

The white dragon that lives in the brook is my wager ;

if I should win, at sunset I'll fly to heaven on the dragon's back.

What is Baduk ?

Baduk board is the universe;

the points are the stars.

White and Black are fighting;

There're sighing and laughing.

Baduk games are like our lives.

-- Gwak, Jeong

My Favourite Pros

(To be sung to the tune of "My Favourite Things".)

Dosaku Shuhaku Shuwa and Satsugen,
Josaku Shusaku Jowa and Retsugen,
Sansa who founded the house Honinbo,
These are a few of my favourite pros…

Shusai Go Seigen Masao and Onoda,
Hosai Kitani Junichi Sakata,
Kansai’s best player was Hashimoto,
These are a few of my favourite pros…

Calm Kobayashi and cosmic Masaki,
Let’s list the others, there’s Yoda Otake,
Shuko the Kisei and best of all Cho,
These are a few of my favourite pros…

Japan has O Meien Iyama and Keigo,
The top dogs were Setol Gu Li and Yi Changho,
But now there’s Ke Jie and he’s half AlphaGo,
These are a few of my favourite pros…

When there’s ko fights%%%% When the group dies%%%% When the aji’s bad…
I simply remember my favourite pros,
And then I don’t feel so sad!

-- bugcat

Coordinate poetry

bugcat: This is an idea I had today: a type of poetry derived from the coordinates of a game of Go. Feel free to make your own attempts on the concept. Here's how I approached it:

First of all, find a kifu. Then, translate the moves into Audouard Coordinates. Convert the corner designators A - D into the numbers 1 - 4. Finally, marshall those all your coordinates into lines of six numbers. These each specify the length of a word in the poem.

I've shown the sequential stages through the example I made below.

Kifu: [ext] Hane Naoki vs Cho Chikun, 2017


B44 A44
D34 C43
C35 C54
D53 C36

Numbers after processing:

2 4 4 1 4 4

4 3 4 3 4 3

3 3 5 3 5 4

4 5 3 3 3 6


Go in Spring

At noon, with a cool wind,
Warm sun upon the yard and
the new goban and bowls. Soft
fall above the lid -- ume flower.

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