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Page to discuss implementation of tournaments for DGS.

Table of contents

  • Legend:
    • T = Tournament
    • TD = Tournament Director (can manage T)
    • TP = Tournament Participant (plays in T)
    • TA = Tournament Admin (can help TDs in managing Ts)

Tournament Features (possible/planned)

  • Tournament-Process (Status)
    • NEW = setup new tournament (description, tournament rules, registration properties, game rules)
    • REG = registration phase (application or registration by user, invitation by TD)
    • PAIR = pairing, setup games for tournament
    • PLAY = playing phase
    • FINISHED = tournament finished
  • Tournament-Scopes
    • Dragon = official Dragon tournaments
    • Public = tournaments open to every DGS user
    • Private = "invite"-tournaments (e.g. for Ts with "fee" or special group)
  • Tournament features, which needs special handling (with Process-State)
    • REG: TD can "set" TP for higher rounds
    • REG: TP/TD can set different rating than DGS-rating or for users without rating
    • REG: TD has full control of T-registration, T-games and T-results for "punishment" (unfair conduct, escapers, swindlers) or "adjudication"
    • PLAY: Vacation-handling (ON/OFF)
    • PLAY: forbid "adding time" in game by TPs, allow "adding time" for TDs
    • PLAY: forbid game-deletion by TPs
    • PAIR: Pairing algorithms (depends on T-type): slaughther, slide, adjacent, random; "bars"; TD has full (manual) control over "pairing"
    • PLAY: T-Scoring: TieBreaker, HahnSystem
  • Related features
    • Tournament log for TDs
    • Bulletin-Board for T-announcements
    • Ticket-System for T-support


Useful for implementation

  • Specs, Implementation of DGS-Ts:

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