Other names: Black & White Go
Author: Marc Oldenhof
Price: E.2,49 / Free
Category: editor, viewer
Operating system: Android
Reads format(s): sgf
Writes format(s): sgf
Languages: English, Dutch
Stable Version: 4.6.4 (30/06/2013)
Development status: Active
Programming language: Android Java
Size of installer: 1.1MB
System needs: External storage, Internet[1], Android 2.2+
Connect to engine(s) by GTP: yes
Infos last checked:


BW-Go (Black & White Go) is a flexible, easy-to-use SGF editor to record, analyze, study and replay Go / Igo / Weiqi / Baduk games. A Gnu Go computer player is available as a separate download to play against Android. A DGS client plugin is also available.

If you encounter any problems, please mail me. Any feedback is welcome, including suggestions for later versions!


Features: - All tools in one screen, including comments

- Unique 'tether' stone and markup placement: play a stone and move your finger away to check and correct the position. Fast for tablets, accurate enough for a 25x25 game on a 320x480 screen!

- Play on Dragon Go Server using the DGS plugin

- Correction for involuntary movements while lifting your finger

- Use a bot players (separate download, for now only GnuGo) as an opponent or analysis helper. The bot is activated as just another tool, to be used in any SGF! Check out BW-GnuGo on the Play Store for details.

- Study joseki while analysing your games using embedded Kogo's Joseki Dictionary [latest version: March 6, 2013]. KJD included by courtesy of Alexander Dinerchtein, curator, and Gary Odom, originator. [ext]

- Landscape support on both phones and tablets

- Record your own games

- Game review/study: replay a game on the board while the app only accepts the game moves

- Score and score estimate (manual marking of dead stones)

- Easy creation and browsing of variations without unnecessary pop-ups

- Mark moku with letters, digits and shapes

- Game editing: add and remove stones, correct earlier moves (checks if this results in impossible moves later)

- Supports game collections in single SGF, like the ones at [ext]

- Also supports old SGF formats (pre-FF[4]). Please report any incompatible SGF's!



[1] Permissions: External storage: reading/writing SGF on SD-card; Internet: opening from URL

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