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Basic Info

My name is Andrew. I'm playing mostly on DGS

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Steps in learning Go

Learned rules of the game, played few games but it didn't take off
Started playing on regular basis against Palm Pilot (program AIGO). Learned how to beat it hands down, but developed a quite primitive style
Fall of 2004
Visited Hoboken Go Club. Didn't met anyone playing as bad as myself. I was recommended to practice online. The idea of playing at IGS or KGS didn't bode well for me, as it is hard to find straight two hours for playing, espesially as I'm married
I finally found a proper online server for me, DGS. It is made for occasional plays and is good when you have some 10-30 minutes - or you don't know how much time you have at all :-)
Dec 2004
At the time of registration I never had any clue of what rating I have, so I decided to start with 28k and let the server sort out my rating. That was quite brutal, as I was quite better than that and I crashed through the flock of weaker players like a knife through the butter
Summer 2004
I've reached 14k on DGS. At this point I never learned any formal Go theory, read no books and was only occasional visitor here, at "sensei". Using this table - Rank - worldwide comparison, it was probably around 12k AGA
July 2004
Started learning Life and Death, mostly here. I think I already came to most of the basics myself through practice, but some things were new, like L-group
July 2004
I'm participating in DragonTourney2005. It's pretty long and probably will last well into 2006. The rules are somewhat awkward, as there is no handicaps and I had to play few games against impossibly stronger players.
Aug 2005
I got a Bluetooth cell phone, which allowed to play my DGS games anywhere - at the beach, in the train...
Nov 2005
I'm planning to learn some Tesuji, joining AGA and apply to play at 2006 North American Toyota Denso Oza Championship


Here is my real-time DGS rating:

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