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Ryzours Welcome to the registration page for the Dragon Tourney 2009.

There will be only one round in this tournament, participant being seeded in different pools according to their rating and past results in DGS tournaments.

The games should start on the 1st of May, expect to be playing 8/10 games at once, with 120 days main time no byoyomi.

Since the games will be more closely matched than for the previous tournaments, there won't be an handicap division (well, there may be one after all if someone volunteers to manage it).

Registration is closed

See DragonTourney2009/Pools

    Name              Notes
 27 Shilba            5d [ext] Shilba
 23 anpanna           5d [ext] anpanna
 14 hedgehog          5d [ext] hedgehog
  9 yellow61          2d [ext] yellow61
 11 Sonni             2d [ext] Sonni
 16 kennabee          3d [ext] kennabee
 25 senbazuru         1d [ext] senbazuru
  4 lorl              2k [ext] lorl
 18 naptod            3k [ext] Thomas
 38 peterrc           3k [ext] peterrc
 13 fangshi           3k [ext] fangshi
  7 EricBackus        4k [ext] EricBackus
 10 jefounet          4k [ext] jefounet
 12 mpsi              5k [ext] mpsi
 39 vigo77            5k [ext] vigo77
 42 ISebastian       5k [ext] ISebastian
 15 jyppz             6k [ext] jyppz
 41 RainierBob?       5k [ext] RainierBob  5k KGS = 8k DGS, most of the time.
  2 Shamango          8k [ext] Shamancs
 26 Reemi             8k [ext] Reemi
 37 toporagno         8k [ext] toporagno
  6 neilh23           9k [ext] neilh23
 19 Walin             9k [ext] Walin
 21 Oldyew?           9k [ext] Oldyew
  8 BaghwanB         10k [ext] BaghwanB
  1 Ryzours          10k [ext] Ryzours
 32 mendokuse        10k [ext] mendokuse
 31 glyph            11k [ext] glyph
 33 Al Nikolov       12k [ext] clown
 22 SciSan?          12k [ext] SciSan
 20 White Rabbit     13k [ext] WhiteRabbit
 30 ToadBoy?         14k [ext] ToadBoy
 28 Friend           15k [ext] Friend
 17 schEkkEr         16k [ext] schEkkEr
 34 andrea_d         16k [ext] andrea_d
  5 ccatarro         19k [ext] ccatarro
  3 OneDan?          20k [ext] OneDan
 35 Snowflake        21k [ext] Snowflake
 40 piotr54          21k [ext] piotr54
 29 lgol27           22k [ext] lgol27
 24 dragonfly        24k [ext] dragonfly
 36 JojoRoss?        25k [ext] JojoRoss
 43 prue           ??k [ext] prue


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