Keywords: Software

Author: ?
License: ?
Price: none (oct.2008)
Category: editor, database,
screensaver, tool, GUI for engine
Operating system: Windows
Reads format(s): sgf, cogof[1],
Writes format(s): sgf, cogof,
Languages: English, de
Stable Version: 2.0 (2003[2])
Development status: dead
Programming language: Delphi?
Homepage: dead
Download page: [ext]
Size if installed: 4mby
System needs: Win95
Connect to engine(s) by GTP: yes
Number of engine presets: 1
Infos last checked:

CompoGo is a freeware sgf-file editor and multi-talent for Windows. Last published version is 2.0 (2003)[2].

Table of contents

Unique Features


  • converts pictures of Go boards (bmp, jpg, gif) to sgf files
  • Client for DGS
  • create text documents with embedded graphics and goboards to go through a game while reading the corresponding text; the documents are a bit similar to SmartGo Books



  • is a client for IGS and DGS (presets: each up to 8 accounts)
  • IGS: auto-hello, ignore list, trail list, setup for autoupdate of lists (games, users)
  • can export a game (or the games from the image conversions) to html (with replayer, uses JavaScript); automatic upload all x seconds to ftp-server)
  • can export sgf to email or to clipboard
  • supports board sizes 5x5 up to 25x25
  • can connect to gnugo (or another engine?) to play against it
  • engine-play: timed games possible
  • can build a games database
  • has an editable language file for creating more GUI languages (now: English beside the hardcoded German)
  • tutor mode
  • automatic replay (speed not adjustable, but not too fast)
  • custom textures for board (not tiled) and stones (both stones in one bitmap)
  • play over network (pc to pc, GMP?)


  • Links in the program are now redirected to a p.rn page (so don't give it your kids :-)



  • Some functions in the program require MS-Internet Explorer being installed.

[1] CompoGo's own file formats:

  • .cogodoc (binary) CompoGo's documents format for text, images, game viewing (intended for articles, see menu "Options" - "Articles" and load the demo.cogodoc file from the CompoGo directory); the documents are a bit similar to SmartGo Books
  • .cogof (text + binary), database, uses parts of sgf:
    #;FF[4]GM[1]AP[CompoGo:2.0]SZ[19]PB[N.N.]PW[N.N.] (+ binary code) for every in this file saved game;
    for one .cogof-file 2 more files are produced and not deleted after closing the program
  • .cogofidx (binary)
  • .cogoftmp (content e.g. = "0|-1", 4 bytes + cr/lf)
    possibly they are needed for the database function

[2] A page saved by (may.'08) [ext] says, that the development stopped in 2003 ("Unfortunately the development and the support for the programs had to be finished in 2003."), but in the program's info it says copyright 2005-2007.

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