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ArnoHollosi: Most popular (2005-11-06 16:56) [#363]

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Dieter: On July 2005 this is what Most Popular looks like, if excluding all meta pages, fun pages (mostly Hikaru) and KGS tutorials. It gives a fair idea what the (western) Go amateur is looking for. Apparently, a large majority of the people browse the beginner sections, including Sensei's own introduction to the rules.

The popularity of the joseki page shows how deeply rooted the belief is among amateurs that reliance on formula will make them better. For comparison, the BQM page, which lists technical discussions of al kind, equally is a reference page, but does not figure among the top 100. So, the fact that the joseki page is a reference page is not the main justification.

The quest for formulae (and Sensei's capability of providing it!) is confirmed by the fifth place of Go proverbs, and the popularity of basic instinct and all the pages about the opening (fuseki, about the opening, general opening principles.

Surprising high scores (for me at least) are Korean Names and Shusaku but not Go Seigen.

So, we can go two ways in shaping SL: either we get even better at what our customer (=we) wants, or we try to boldly go where no librarian has gone before.

  1. 114562 ... BeginnerStudySection
  2. 40977 ... Joseki
  3. 39435 ... RulesOfGoIntroductory
  4. 38777 ... Go
  5. 37831 ... GoProverbs
  6. 34279 ... Tesuji
  7. 33740 ... Fuseki
  8. 30983 ... GoTerms
  9. 30564 ... LifeAndDeath
  10. 27325 ... Seki
  11. 27007 ... KoreanNames
  12. 23105 ... Ladder
  13. 22742 ... BeginnerExercises
  14. 21742 ... Shusaku
  15. 21708 ... BasicInstinct
  16. 20614 ... Miai
  17. 19603 ... BadHabits
  18. 19258 ... BasicLiveShapes
  19. 19227 ... AboutTheOpening
  20. 18748 ... tenuki
  21. 18452 ... Tsumego
  22. 18378 ... Sente
  23. 18106 ... Aji
  24. 17636 ... GoHistory
  25. 17242 ... Nakade
  26. 17123 ... GeneralOpeningPrinciples
  27. 16794 ... Hane
  28. 16437 ... Kikashi
  29. 16404 ... TwoEyes
  30. 16271 ... Shape
ArnoHollosi: revisited 2005-11-02 (2005-11-06 16:57) [#364]

(moved from main page)

Dieter: I made a snapshot of Most Popular two weeks ago and compared it with today's figures. Here are a few results and possible conclusions.

  • If we compare the two top hundreds of all time, we notice only one substitution: End Game has left, enters Gnu Go.
  • There are almost no changes in position. Sensei's Library is a mature site. Absolute figures remain stable.
  • However, there is noticeable change in recent browsing behaviour versus all time browsing behaviour. Of the 99 pages taken into consideration, the top twenty of hits over the past two weeks shows five newcomers, compared to the all time top hundred: PagesForBeginners, KoreanNames, Shusaku, UserPreferences and KGSTheKiseidoGoServer. All time top 20 that recently have dropped in interest are FindPage, HikaruNoGoJunkie, Fuseki, CoffeeMachine and LifeAndDeath.
  • Frontpage is much more popular recently than RecentChanges.
  • The trends become even clearer when we use the following metric: (number of hits of past two weeks)/(all time hits). The list is headed by:
  1. PagesForBeginners
  2. RankWorldwideComparison
  3. KGSTheKiseidoGoServer
  4. MonkeyJump
  5. 44PointJosekis
  6. Joseki
  7. LGroup
  8. Net
  9. KoreanNames
  10. Go
  11. HowToUseWiki
  12. Shusaku
  13. 34Point
  14. GuidedTours
  15. Goban
  16. GoHistory
  17. GoServers
  18. GoPlayingPrograms
  19. SenseisLibrary
  20. GoProverbs

The list is trailed by:

  1. RecentChangesGames
  2. ExampleGame
  3. FindPage
  4. MetaDiscussion
  5. HikaruNoGoJunkie
  6. FullRecentChanges
  7. CoffeeMachine
  8. MessageBoard
  9. Tartrate
  10. HikaruNoGoProblems
  11. HikaruNoGoGames
  12. GoHumour
  13. HikaruNoGo
  14. Nakade
  15. Fuseki
  16. MostPopular
  17. CranesNestTesuji
  18. BeginnerStudySection
  19. SnapBack
  20. GoTerms


  1. There are much more readers nowadays than contributors. (Frontpage, Pages For Beginners versus Recent Changes, Coffee Machine, Message Board, Meta Discussion ...)
  2. There are more beginners compared to experienced players than before. (Pages For Beginners versus ...)
  3. The Hikaru age is over (as we know) and the basic incoming flux is provided by Go Servers and Programs, in particular KGS and GnuGo.
  4. Playing games on SL has become an arkane activity.
  5. Contrary to what the constant creation of home pages and talk may have suggested, the browsing activity shows much more interest in technical stuff than in social, SL internal stuff (cfr Net, Goban, LGroup versus GoHumour, Message Board, ...)
  6. As for actions to be taken, I would look for a way to rehabilitate FindPage. I find its declining popularity strange and undesirable. (Later: it may be explained by the inclusion of a search function on the frontpage)
ArnoHollosi: 44PointJosekis (2005-11-06 16:59) [#365]

(moved from main page)

Charles Well, then, 44Point Josekis is the highly popular page. If only it were better (the things called pseudo-pincers are wrongly labelled, and I've always disliked that presentation, however functional). (If only people wanted tesuji ...) Maybe people have it open in a separate window when they play online?

Dieter: Comparison Octobre 2005 vs May 2006 (2006-05-08 17:49) [#1514]

When comparing the most popular pages in Octobre 2005 and May 2006, here are a few conclusions:

New in top 100

Left the top 100

Fast climbers

Pages in decline



Recent behaviour shows an increased interest for Go professionals (Shusaku, GoSeigen) and a decline of Hikaru pages. The popularity of UserPreferences, Frontpage, PagesForBeginners, suggests an increased proportion of people new to Go and SL, confirmed by the (relative) decline of "experienced deshi" favourites such as RecentChanges, MetaDiscussion, FullRecentChanges, CoffeeMachine, MessageBoard ...

ArnoHollosi: Re: Comparison Octobre 2005 vs May 2006 (2006-08-14 09:04) [#2076]

The popularity of ThrowingTheBoardAgainstTheWallDentingTheWallAndTheBoardPriorToUppercuttingYourOpponent is explained by its alias: Nuclear Tesuji. Many external links to that page.

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