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Excalibur has 3 main time controls:

  • Primary - Use for main time
  • Secondary - Use for byo-yomi
  • Sudden Death - Not normally used for Go

These 3 main controls can be set independently for the left and right player. It will look like this:

  • Left Player Primary Seconds (:XX appears on the left side)
  • Left Player Primary Minutes (XXX appears on the left side)
  • Right Player Primary Seconds (:XX appears on the right side)
  • Right Player Primary Minutes (:XX appears on the right side)
  • etc for Secondary
  • etc for Sudden Death

Instructions for setting a custom byo-yomi time control:

Example for 40 minutes main time and five 30 second overtime periods

  • Set slider to pause and turn on the clock.
  • For the next steps, use select to go to the next option, use +/- to change the current setting.
  • Preset - Use one of the user settings, U1-U5.
  • Primary - 40:00, 0 (main time, 0 means not required to make X moves during main time requirement)
  • Secondary - 0:30, 1 (byo-yomi time, 30 seconds and 1 move per period. Number of byo-yomi periods is controlled by "Game End" later)
  • Sudden - 0:00 (Not used for Go byo-yomi)
  • Delay - 0 (Bronstein style delay, usually not used for Go)
  • Claim - Off
  • Save - Off (This is used to save the current time of a game for adjournment)
  • Counter - Off (Setting to On just displays how many moves have been made)
  • Game End - 5 (This is the number of byo-yomi periods)
  • Accum - Off (Fischer style increment)
  • Sound - On, 10 (Beep 10 seconds before the period, and on the period)
  • Delay - Off
  • Word - Off
  • Second - Off (Change to On if you want to display seconds while >10 minutes left)

Playing in overtime

When playing in byo-yomi, the number of periods left is displayed as a small number next to the time countdown. The last period is number "1".

When you run out of time... (What happens? I think the "1" changes to a flag icon?)

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