The tsumego challenge tournament pits players against each other solving problems.

  • The format is bracket play, 1v1 matches.
  • Each match consists of 4 problems.
  • All problems are black to play, the problem will state black's goal (kill or live)
  • Players alternate colors to be fair
  • If the score is tied after 4 problems, there is a sudden death round.

Sudden Death

  • After the problem is revealed, the first player to kibitz their move gets black and must play the move they kibitzed. Or a player can type "challenge" to let their opponent take black if they think the problem is too difficult.


Mostly the tournament will be honor system. Participants are expected to not solicit advice, etc, etc.

The tournament director (TD) will create a demo board. Moderated chat is enabled to prevent kibitzes of moves from appearing in chat. One player from each pair clones the demo board. The TD creates the problem and states black's goal. Each black player then has 60 seconds(?) to think, and then black and white play out the problem and a reasonable speed (gentleman's agreement).

For Sudden Death, similar procedure. Each player kibitzes their move or "challenge". Since chat is moderated there can be multiple sudden death pairs and not interfere with each other. TD has to moderate who got their move in first.

Beta Test

Let yoyoma if you are interested in trying this out. USA Monday or Wednesday evenings work best for me.

Go to the [ext] Signup and pairings page and add yourself to the list.

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