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On the KGS Go server, there is a room created for beginners, which is logically named the Beginner's Room. =)

This room, which was created by Mramahi1, has become very popular on KGS. On average over 250 KGS users (and a peak of 262 users) join us in the Beginner's Room every day at its peak time. Stronger players have been very kind helping by answering questions and giving teaching games in this teaching/learning based room.

Official Website: [ext]

No regularly scheduled activites have been planned, however we do plan to plan. =)

If you do receive help here please be so kind as to return the favor to weaker players when you have the chance.

What range of KGS ratings are considered beginners?
Go Seigen, considered by many to be the greatest player of the 20th century, called himself a beginner. Go is deep.
Yes, indeed. In the beginner's room Go Seigen would be more likely provide teaching games than to receive them. The question of what range of KGS ratings are considered beginners remains. (hmm....Otake takes 3 stones from God, but Go Seigen is a beginner. Makings of a Zen koan?)

Even if there is nobody there strong enough to teach you, you can always help others. =)

Sebastian: Does this refer to beginners at Go or beginners at KGS? See also KGS First Time User Experience.
TJ: Stress on beginners at go...often they'll be beginners on KGS too, though! Teach/learn/review, and review of games played here is considered mandatory. Generally, of course, review by the white player giving handicap or just a discussion between near equals, but if, as sometimes happens here, a stronger player drops in to watch you play, they'll sometimes react favourably if you ask THEM to review. I, for one, sometimes offer to review a game for anyone 5 ranks lower or so when I feel like hearing myself talk for a while.:)

HansWalthaus: Important for beginners to Go and KGS; learn a bit of ettiquete: like don't escape, don't resign when people are about to pass and don't leave a game when somebody is reviewing you. Most people pick this up with one or two hints. Other people get very annoyed by these things, so if you think the other guy is new, use 'talk to' and explain it first. If they're rude, that's what the censor checkbox is for. But please try talking to them first.

Mramahi1: Yes, I agree with you HansWalthaus, so I recommend all the new users of KGS looking at this page to first scan the KGS User's Guide and other related KGS pages before coming on KGS. Also, there will always be someone to help you on KGS if you are confused about something.

Fwiffo: In addition to pointing to some tips on etiquette, etc. I think the MOTD for the room ought to mention some of the things beginners need to be wary of on KGS (or link to a page with that information).

The number of people sandbagging in the Beginners' room, for instance, has become quite a nuisance recently. A lot of beginners are hoping to play somebody close to their own strength for fun or to check their progress and they're getting hit by a sandbagger instead. They're left feeling frustrated, depressed or just cheesed off, which is a bad first impression for Go. Heck, even when I offer a teaching game, I get almost as many sandbaggers trying to play me as actual beginners.

Some tips on how to spot and avoid such bullies (looking at their game record is a dead giveaway), or even a list of notorious sandbaggers (e.g. ssk7) would make for a more positive experience for many of people.

As a side note, I've been occasionally following some sandbaggers around when I notice them so that I can warn the victims or offer a genuine teaching game and give them a more positive experience. I've noticed others doing the same, which is heartening. If enough people do this (it's a good way to find enthusiastic students), the problem may eventually go away because it'll become too much trouble for the bullies.

Mramahi1: A new room policy has taken effect that will help eliminate the problem the Beginners' Room has been having concerning sandbagging. All users are now required to disclose their rank when creating a game. If a player does not know his rank, he should give his best estimate.

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