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If you're from Texas, join us online at KGS in the Texas Go Players room.

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This room was created in October 2003. Its record attendance was 24 during the Universities tournament.

Please visit the KGSUsersMap or [ext] IGoLocal to find which cities the regulars are from.

To request a change to the room greeting message, please leave a message for one of the room owners.

For Non-KGS Texas Go Players information, see Texas Go Players

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Texas Clubs IRL (In Real Life):

First KGS Texas Win & Continue Ladder

Concept: The lowest two players on the ladder play an even game, loser is out, winner continues up the ladder to play the next person. Winner of that game continues, etc. There will be two winners: Longest winning streak, and whoever wins the final game.

Seeding is by KGS rating, in the case of multiple accounts or unstable ratings common sense will be applied. Tied ratings are broken by lottery.

Matches can be scheduled at any time, but for more hype it could be fun to announce the time in the room 24 hours in advance. If a player cannot play his match within a reasonable amount of time, he forfeits and the other player continues. (I am thinking most matches should take place in at least 1 week)

Time controls can be flexible... I'm thinking 25+5x:30.

Players can still join after as long as their rating is above the point where matches are being played.

Registered List
Name Rating
sai1029 2d
CptCaveman? 2d
txn001 2d
yoyoma 1d
Tsuijin 1d
bagpiper 1k
jiva 1k
burrito 2k
Sockfolder 3k
embeck 4k
notstrong 4k
Fiara 5k
tunafsh 5k
skeng 6k
nodog 6k
Paracelsus 7k
Burton 7k
Tapwater 8k
mortymanta 11k
caveman 11k
Metropolis 15k
tfunk 15k
Challenger Defender Result
tfunk Metropolis [ext] B+R "That haircut was too powerful"
caveman tfunk [ext] B+R "Hairy caveman beat haircut anyday"
mortymanta caveman [ext] W+33.5 caveman forgot to bring supplies
Tapwater mortymanta [ext] B+R water tastes so good
Burton Tapwater [ext] B+R "quack quack"
Paracelsus Burton [ext] B+13.5 "For Sai and all who strive to play the divine move"
nodog Burton [ext] B+R nodog won on an early sunday morning
skeng nodog [ext] W+2.5 the battle of end game
tunafsh skeng [ext] W+0.5 blitzin' to the end
Fiara skeng [ext] W+R Only 4 minutes to play
notstrong Fiara [ext] B+13.5 (*Result adjusted for Komi)
embeck Fiara [ext] B+R Big death
sockfolder Fiara [ext] W+R
burrito sockfolder [ext] W+22.5
jiva burrito [ext] B+R
bagpiper burrito [ext] B+R
Tsuijin bagpiper [ext] W+40.5
yoyoma bagpiper [ext] W+R the great yoyoma fall
txn001 bagpiper [ext] B+17.5
CptCaveman? txn001 [ext] W+18.5
sai1029 txn001 [ext] W+11.5
Longest Winning Streak 3 wins (3 way tie) Fiara bagpiper txn001

Win & Continue Tournament Math

In a tournament of this style with N players, there will be N-1 games. Since there are two players per game, each player will on average play 2(N-1)/N games. In this tournament format, the same pair of people never play twice. Therefore, each player will play the same number of opponents as the number of games he/she has played.

So in the limit as N->inf., each player plays 2 games and 2 opponents. (Also, in the limit as N->0, each player plays -inf games and opponents.)

Q.E.D. :P

For Paracelsus: In this tournament with N=23, each player will on average 1.913 games and 1.913 opponents.

Texas Room Rumbles

Every once in a while, we invade another room and challenge them to a game. Everyone watches and comments, and fun is had by all. Here is our current rumble record:

Date Room Rumbled With Texas Player Room Player Game Settings Obs. Result
4/13/09 Salo Iberoamerica nemoneko (W) dankenzon(B) 6.5 Komi 10 [ext] W+R
6/16/04 Chez Hu Carey (W) Hu (B) 6.5 Komi 9 [ext] B+R
6/14/04 Sabaki Go Club derek84 (B) Shenron (W) 0.5 Komi 13 [ext] W+5.5

Texas Room Players

(Please feel free to add yourself. Out of respect for people's privacy we don't actively add other people.)


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