Crane's Nest Tesuji

  Difficulty: Beginner   Keywords: Tesuji

Chinese: 乌龟不出头 (wū guī b chū tu)
Japanese: 鶴の巣籠り (tsuru no sugomori)
Korean: 호리병 (hori-byeong) (uncommon?)

The crane's nest tesuji is a classic tesuji used to capture fleeing stones.

White to capture the black stones  

Black has just played B1, with the intention of connecting his three stones on the left with black+circle. How can White capture those stones?

White 2 is tesuji  

White W2 captures the stones with the crane's nest tesuji. (B7 at W2)


In Poland we call this tesuji kraszek (in English you could say crashek) after Janusz Kraszek.

--Marcin Kaminski


Black might try to connect through a...  

You can do a variation of this tesuji to four stones as well.

But White 2 is tesuji here.  

You can learn a lot from tesuji even if you don't get to play those exact tesuji :)

unkx80: You want problems? You have problems!

Velobici: Problems, I got. More go problems, I appreciate ;)

Problem 1. (White to play)  
Problem 1 solution  

blacklabel: black is dead. W1 is tesuji. if black tries to escape at B2, white answers at W3. B4 useless since W5 is snapback (B6 W7 at b). if white plays 1 at 2 black can escape at 1 and whites cut at a would be atari after black plays b

Problem 2. (White to play)  
Problem 2 solution  

blacklabel: black is dead. white plays W1, B2 tries to escape, and W3 cuts.B4 useless, since W5 creates snapback(B6 W7 at b). note white has to attack from above. otherwise cutting stone (which would be at a is atari after black b and black can escape.

so 1 really is tesuji here, every other play lets black escape killing the 4 whites on the side and leaving the rest crumbled

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