Squeezing blood from the turnip of bad shape

PageType: Path   Difficulty: Intermediate   Keywords: Shape, Tactics

Two players were playing at the local go club, Black proceeded to make a play White perceived as producing bad shape.

White states, "I think that's bad shape."

Black replies, "Can't be too bad, I mean there are other stones around...."

White says, "Mmm, still looks suspect to me."

Black says (slightly defiantly, but in good fun), "Well, you just try and squeeze blood from that turnip!"

I believe both players learned something about shape that day. -However, I can only truly speak for myself ;)

This page/path is dedicated to moves which exploit the weaknesses of bad shape. -Joshual000:

Classic *Good and Bad Shape


Many examples of exploiting bad shape are more formally recognized as tesuji. Some examples include:

Exploiting Bad Shape in Connections

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