Trick play example 8


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16 stones in actual play ...

dia. (0): large Dango  

Problem diagram [0]: How could this happen? (cf. dia. [99] or [5])
Let's have a look at some logical sequences.
(Logic has little to do with real truth or reality)

dia. (1): large Dango from extreme handicap play  

dia. [1]: Tderz: This Dango could appear if Black plays too submissive and small-point-focussed several times.
At the same time,
White is playing trying to achieve the Dango in actual play.

W10 is overdoing things? If B11 at a, Wb can connect or capture in a ladder.
If B11 at c, White can live.

dia. (2): large Dango  

dia. [2]

dia. (3): large Dango  

dia. [3]: B1 and B3 want to prevent the white connection underneath,
which is ok in itself.
Black could vary with B5, but W6 is a nice tesuji.

dia. (3a): variation  

dia. [3a]: B3 is a nice tesuji too,
preventing momentarily the connection underneath
(cf. with dia. [10]).

dia. (3b): variation  

dia. [3b]: W5 -> a, B6 -> b

dia. (3c): variant  

dia. [3c]: Black cannot deviate much ...

dia. (3d): variant  

dia. [3d]: white+square are able to live now - Wa with weak ko b for Black
- who must avoid white c by black d (allows Wf or Be (allows Wd).
OK, the latter is not so interesting,
but if Black was able to play all this, s/he wouldn't need handicap ....

dia. (4): large Dango  

dia. [4]: continuation from dia. [3]: B3 is small-scale thinking again.

dia. (4a): variation  

dia. [4a]:

dia. (4b): variation  

dia. [4b]: B4 -> W1? or W5 at a is not urgent for either

dia. (5): large Dango  

dia. [5]: continuation from dia. [4]: B4 -> W1

dia. (6): large Dango  

dia. [6]: next white+circle is aiming to capture all ^^...

Just found by chance in "Breakthrough to Shodan", page 9, dia. 4 another variation how to produce this Dango:

dia. (7): variant in "Breakthrough to Shodan"  

dia. [7]: Exchanging B4 for B5 strengthens White more than Black, a (question: or b?) are better.

dia. (8):  

dia. [8]: B18 commits a mistake to complete the trap.
B8 should be at a (follow dia. [10]).

dia. (9):  

dia. [9]: The black+circle are not well positioned.

dia. (99): follow-up  

dia. [99]: W5 at B8.

dia. (10):  

dia. [10]: B1 is tesuji (cf. with dia. [3a])
B6 connects. After W10, another important move follows:

dia. (11):  

dia. [11]: B1 is tesuji (cf. W6 in dia. [3]) and avoids the ko of Wa-e.

Tderz Who could/would add variations starting from diagrams [2], [3] and [4]?

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