Settled and Unsettled

  Difficulty: Beginner   Keywords: MiddleGame, Life & Death, Go term

Chinese: 安定 (āndýng); 定型 (ding4 xing2); 整型 (zheng3 xing2); 治孤 (zhý gū) (all referring to "settle")
Japanese: 治まる (osamaru)
Korean: 안정하다 (anjeong-hada), 살다 (sal-da)

It seems that the usage of these words, important for go terminology in English, should be explained. There are two related meanings, but they are different.

  1. 'Settled' and 'unsettled' can refer to the status of a group, in the sense of life-and-death.
  2. In the middle game there is a contrast between weak and settled groups.

So from a linguistic point of view the opposite to 'settled' might mean different things: an unsettled group is a group that can be killed or made to live, by the side playing first. Or on the other hand it might just be a weak group that can be attacked, but not clearly killed.

In ordinary English there is a similar distinction. If some question is settled at a meeting, it means it was decided finally. But a stone dropped into water will settle on the bottom; and when you go to bed, read a book and then switch off the light to go to sleep, you settle down.

In the same way, go meaning (1) relates to the status of a group as being decided one way or the other. On the other hand go meaning (2) talks about whether groups have come to rest, in terms of eyes, or are still waiting to find them.

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