For Dynamic in the sense of defined in terms of possible sequences, see the article dynamic definition.

Dynamic characterises a position as being subject to significant future changes. A move or sequence is dynamic it it creates a dynamic position or has many, still unpredictable variations. A dynamic position has dynamic aspects and strategic concepts studying its kinds of significant future changes: development directions?, options, influence, fighting potential of groups etc.

The contrast of dynamic is the quiet, currently almost settled aspects of a position, such as territory that is settled or likely will be affected only by later boundary settling during the endgame. Accordingly, positional judgement studies the non-dynamic current territory within groups with currently settled life and quiet boundaries versus the dynamic, non-territorial aspects of positions.

The dynamic aspects of positional judgement are discussed in the book Positional Judgement 2 / Dynamics. The term dynamic is also often used in A Dictionary of Modern Fuseki -- The Korean Style to describe a desireable outcome as shown in the example Dynamic Opening for Black below.

Active is either a synonym for dynamic, as in active position meaning position with much dynamic aspects, or used more specialised than dynamic when referring to local or short-term dynamic aspects in a context of still being dynamic but in the process of quiescence.

Dynamic Opening for Black  

Answering B1 with the cut at W2 is not good. Black's second approach at B3 becomes an excellent move. The sequence to B7 is a dynamic opening for Black. -- A Dictionary of Modern Fuseki -- The Korean Style, page 85

Bill: I don't know about W2, but W6 is decidedly undynamic. Surely White a is better.

See also Probing during the attach and draw back joseki.

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