Yang Kaiwen

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杨楷文 (jp. 楊楷文)
Yng Kǎiwn

b. 1997-01-28
Chinese professional
from [ext] Jinan, Shandong

1p 2010 (July), 2p 2012, 3p 2013, 4p 2014, 5p 2017 (July), 6p 2018 (March), 7p 2019 (February), 8p 2021

Student of Fang Jie, who was himself a pupil of Qiu Bairui.

In the GoRatings [ext] list of 2022-01-1, he was ranked 23rd in China and 36th in the world. Peculiarly, he had held exactly the same international place at the start of 2021.

Despite his impressive rating, Yang was not very prominent until reaching the final of the 16th Weifufang or Qiwang in early 2022, which he lost to Mi Yuting. He had also lost to Mi Yuting in December of the year before, in the first round of the 1st GBA Cup.

However, despite his obscurity in the West, the Chinese Wikipedia had already considered him notable enough for an article in 2016.


[ext] Ch. Wiki [ext] Ko. Wiki [ext] Wikidata [ext] PWD [ext] Waltheri [ext] GoKifu [ext] Go4Go [ext] Go Ratings


An interview of the Asian Games chinese national team members Yang Kaiwen and Wu Yiming in August 2023. [ext] bilibili link


yang kaiwen mar2023 (Image credit: 0)
yang kaiwen mar2023 (Image credit: Foxwq.com)

yang kaiwen apr2023 (Image credit: 2)
yang kaiwen apr2023 (Image credit: Foxwq.com)

park geunho yang kaiwen mlily 2023 (Image credit: 4)
park geunho yang kaiwen mlily 2023 (Image credit: Foxwq.com)

iyama yuta yang kaiwen mlily 2023 (Image credit: 6)
iyama yuta yang kaiwen mlily 2023 (Image credit: Foxwq.com)

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