Star Point

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Chinese: 星位 (xing1 wei4)
Japanese: 星 (hoshi)
Korean: 화점 / 花點 (hwa jeom)

Star points on a 19x19 board  

Star points (J. hoshi, lit. "star") are the nine points on a 19x19 go board marked by small dots, where handicap stones are placed. They also serve as a visual reference for the players. Otherwise, they have no effect on the game. They are one of the named points on the board.

Symmetry taken into account, there are 3 named star points: the 4-4 point, the 10-4 point and the 10-10 point.

Like other terms in go, the term star point refers not only to the point, but to a play there as well. Star point joseki are joseki starting with the corner star point (4-4 point).

The sei in niren-sei and sanren-sei is another reading of hoshi; these terms thus refer to "two hoshi in a row" or "three hoshi in a row".

The Japanese term hoshi can also refer to a win (shiroboshi, "white star") or loss (kuroboshi, "black star"), or the circular white or black mark used in tournament grids to show such a win or loss.

The Korean term "hwa jeom" or "flower point" originates from traditional Korean boards in which the star points were indicated by flowers.

Star points on a 13x13 board  

A 13x13 board has only five star points.

Star points on a 9x9 board  

A 9x9 board also has only five star points. However, some leave out that in the center, some those in the corners.

Noname --

Star point on 13×13  

Center one.





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