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围棋 天地 - Weiqi Tiandi

Wiq Tiānd
= the game of Go + heaven and earth (= World) = "Go World", which is of course
= Weiqi World

It's predecessor was simply called "WeiQi" and in almost DIN A5 format.

Now a bimonthly Chinese go magazine with some 70 pages. The basic level is set higher than in Western Go magazines.
Interesting already for some in-depths courses on fuseki or Joseki etc. which last for around 20 issues. [1]

Just recently (Q1/2005) the issues seem to have got more pages (100 every 2 weeks). Even the binding is different: from the folded, then stapled type, it changed to a (very thin of course) type as for pocket books.

杨莲 Yang Lian (Go journalist, TV moderator etc.) reading Weiqi Tiandi 围棋 天地 (?) and using Yunzi, all upside down:

fixed price 4.80 ¥
[email] Tel.: +86-10-63583128 and 63583098

[1] tderz Subscription in Western countries is possible via [ext] for a stiff Annual subscription price of $309.00 as of 18 October 2004 (that's factor 300 (!) over simply buying it there if we assume 1$ = 8.3 Yuan (¥, 人民币) [ext] RMB, Renminbi, and one copy at 4.80 ¥.

Here comes a slightly better one [ext] for 2.49 to 3.95 USD to continantal US, China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan (Europeans don't read?).

115.2 Yuan/year preferential subscription (in China, I guess) via [ext] or
used, for only 1,5 Yuan (0.18 $) in China at 旧书摊.com [ext]

[ext] sample page

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