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Hoensha (方円社, 1879-1924) was a go study group and organization of professional Japanese go players founded in 1879 around Honinbo Shuho and dissolved in 1924 with the formation of the Nihon Kiin. Its name comes from 'ho', meaning square and representing go boards, and 'en', meaning circle and representing go stones. The organization published the first go magazine in history, Igo Shinpo.

Hoensha was the successor to study groups set up by Nakagawa Kamesaburo and other players. It was the major go institution of the later Meiji period. After Shuho reconciled with the Honinbo House in 1886, Hoensha awarded professional grades. Prior to that point it had awarded only diplomas from 1 to 12 kyu, with the top grades going to players of professional strength.

Hoensha Heads

  1. Honinbo Shuho from 1879-1886
  2. Nakagawa Kamesaburo from 1886-1899
  3. Iwasaki Kenzo from 1899-1912
  4. Ishii Senji from 1912-1920
  5. Hirose Heijiro from 1920-1924
  6. Iwasa Kei from 1924


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