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What can black do?  

For me, the circled points are all candidates for the first move.

First line  

First candidate: reduce the eye space. We can see there's a ko this way.

Second variation  

Can Black do better? Yes. If W2 then B3. But can White do better? Yes:

Variation 2B  
Var 3  
Var 3B  

Same as Var 1 but different order. This made me realize White has an option in var 1:

Var 1B  

It turns out W2 is the vital point in this position.

Var 4  

B1 invites W2 on the vital point

Var 5  

This exchange doesn't help.

This problem needs 8 diagrams of about 5 moves deep. It's easy to miss variation 1B, think that 1 is the solution, while 3B is the main line.

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