Difficulty: Advanced   Keywords: Go term

Chinese: 顶 (ding3)
Japanese: ツキアタリ (tsukiatari), ブツカリ (butsukari), ツッパリ (tsuppari)
Korean: 치받다


White bumps into the Black stone. A natural local response is usually to stretch to a or b. A common term for this move is butting play.

The Japanese term is tsukiatari.

The bump is not a very usual move, but it has its uses.

Example 1: Kitani joseki

There is an interesting branch of 3-4 point joseki (invented by Kitani Minoru) starting with a bump:

Kitani joseki - a, b are miai  

Example 2: Situational move


The bump is occasionally used as a situational move? for preventing White from connecting underneath at a.

(unkx80: A better example is requested.)

Example 3: 9x9 board game

Also, the first round of Go Seigen vs Miyamoto Naoki 9x9 match started with a bump:

Go Seigen vs Miyamoto Naoki  

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