InvincibleTheGamesOfShusaku/Game 24 analyzed with KataGo

This is the first castle game by Shusaku, against Yasui Sanchi.

Moves 1 to 10  

Obviously Shusaku's favorite pincer at B5 is not in fashion any longer.

Moves 11 to 20  

Ignoring the fact that today's go would treat open corners as more urgent, all moves are seconded by AI as good local moves, until White plays W20. The pros think it's a bad overplay, KataGo marks it as >1 point worse than optimal play.

Moves 21 to 30  

Now, KataGo dislikes B21 just as much.

The next White move to be criticized by the pros is W28. It's indeed inconsistent with the reinforcement at W24, which calls for a subsequent attack.

KataGo thinks B27 is slow and indeed allows for a White attack around B29 but it's equally fine with W28 and its follow up at W30. It doesn't second the pro commentary that "by B29 Black already has an easy game". As with the next two games, Black's advantage comes from no other source than the absence of komi. It's Shusaku's accomplishment to maintain the advantage but Yasui Sanchi is not faulted for being unable to catch up. Apart from W20 he doesn't make any mistake.

Moves 31 to 40  

KataGo finds W34 too timid. The commentary says Black keeps it simple to maintain the lead.


KG prefers the common joseki with the hane inside and the crosscut. White's play in the corner is consistent with the influence coming from the left towards the lower side.

Moves 41 to 50  

Comments and KG agree on W44 being the wrong direction. White should instead press at B45. Next,B49 looks like the proper timing to fence off the right side but KG thinks Black should first reinforce the corner at A. W50 misses an opportunity to cut at B.

Moves 51 to 60  

So, when Black reinforces at B51, he increases the lead. White's bizarre looking combo of W52 and W54 are explained in the book as avoiding a ladder, which would occur from the more common way of cutting the two space jump. KataGo suggests a simple separating move at A instead. Black's placement B57 is tesuji.

Moves 61 to 70  

When Black settles at B63, making territory too, in sente moreover, Black is comfortably ahead. The situation further deteriorates when W66 backs off to sacrifice two stones. His group on the lower side is still cramped. The aji at A prevents him from attacking the top.

Moves 71 to 80  

So, White removes the aji with W72 but this is passive. B73 tries to defend actively but KataGo doesn't like the bump as a technical device, or so it seems. It prefers a simple defence at A, which might look passive but leaves more potential to invade at B.

Anyway, this time around the game is indeed lost by move 75. Shusaku has increased the initial advantage of no ko komi to about 10 points.

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