Takao Shinji

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Takao's Nihon Ki-in photo

Takao Shinji (高尾 紳路 Takao Shinji, born 1976) is a professional Go player. As Honinbo, Takao has taken the name 秀紳 (Shushin).

Nihon Ki-in pro promotion record

  • 7 dan in 2000
  • 8 dan in 2002
  • 9 dan on 28 June 2005 (won 60th Honinbo)

Takao scored [ext] 900 wins at the youngest age (38 years old) and in the shortest term (23 year and 8 months), defeating Yamashita Keigo 9p by half a point in the Meijin league tournament on 25th December 2014. He became the 21st player to win 900 official games (*against 385 losses) in pro tournaments.

On March 1th 2012, winning a game of the 37th Meijin League against Mizokami Tomochika, Takao reached [ext] 800 wins in his career. On March 5th 2009, winning the first game of the 47th Judan, Takao reached [ext] 700 wins in his career (32nd player of the Nihon Kiin). He was the youngest player to reach this mark, and unsurprisingly also had the highest winning percentage. [ext] http://www.nihonkiin.or.jp/english/topics/09/topics2009_03.htm

On November 3rd, 2006, Takao won the 31st Meijin tournament from holder Cho U by 4 games to 2. Two of his four wins were by half a point.

On June 28th, 2005 Takao won the 60th Hon'inbo tournament, and his first big Japanese title, from Cho U, in a match that lasted five games. Its final game was won by a mere half a point.

Bob McGuigan: On the Mainichi newspaper web site there are some comments about Takao and his success in the Honinbo match. Takao's win is ascribed to his thick style, transmitted from his teacher Fujisawa Hideyuki. It is mentioned that he is joining Cho U, Hane Naoki, and Yamashita Keigo at the top, and that these players are being called the "Four Emperors".

Strange Pro Opening 3 features a game between Takao and Yamashita Keigo. These two have been rivals since at least August 1986 when the 9-year-old Takao lost on national television to the not-quite-8-year-old Yamashita in the final of the All-Japan Elementary School Championship. In 1996 Takao beat Yamashita in the semi-final of the 21st Shinjin-O Tournament and then went on to sweep the title match from Nakamura Shinya 2-0. In 1998 Takao played Yamashita in the final of the 23rd Shinjin-O but lost 1-2.

On 2003-01-16 Takao beat Cho Chikun to win the losers' section of the Judan tournament. As a result, he will play the winner of the winners' section to see who will challenge O Rissei for the title. His opponent? Yamashita Keigo, of course! Dave.

Takao Shinji won the game by resignation, which means that the current holder O Rissei is not going to play two matches against Yamashita Keigo at the same time. HolIgor

Takao performed quite well in junior and lightning tournaments.

His teachers are Taoka Keiichi and Fujisawa Hideyuki.


Pure and Simple Takao's Astute Use of Brute Force

21st Century Dictionary of Basic Joseki, German: Lexikon der Joseki by Brett und Stein Verlag

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