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Japanese 3d, account from April 2018. Using the same handlename on Go servers, chess servers (~2300 Elo) and Stack Exchange. Though I believe my English is acceptable for most purposes, it is an acquired language for me and my writings may contain some grammatical mistakes or wrong selection of words. Please don't hesitate to edit them.

Examples of my activities here:

  • Added ~400 entries to Japanese Go Terms.
  • Compiled ~170 proverbs into Japanese Go Proverbs.
  • Translated Chapter 12 of Qijing Shisanpian, nine grades of improvement.
  • Privided a clear definition of Sente move.
  • Elaborated sources of income for Professional players.
  • Corrected countless number of factual errors, wrong variations, misused terms, reversed Asian names, misread Japanese names, mistranslations etc, including many originating from commercial sources in English. Sensei's Library is really a mixed bag; some pages are well written and quite useful while others contain Blood-Vomiting number of Ear-Reddening mistakes...


  • 日本語の入力は最近のブラウザなら各ページ上端の Edit Page をクリックして編集画面に行き、白い箱の中にふつうに入力して Preview か Save を押せば自動的に HTML コードに変換されます。Sand Box でいろいろ試すことができます。
  • Adding Pages に新しいページの作り方、Text Formatting Rules に強調・リンクなどの使い方、How Diagrams Work に図面の入れ方があります。
  • Wikipedia と同じく wiki を使っていますが違いもたくさんあります。SL is not Wikipedia も読んでおかれるといいでしょう。

Tools for editing

CE = 18(M+67)/19(M-33);19(T+11);19(S+25);19(H+88)/20(H-12);20(R+18)

Ā ā Ī ī Ū ū Ē ē Ō ō

Unicode ♀ ♂

{{Needs WME}} {{Abandoned | YOUR REASON}} {{REMOVE | YOUR REASON}} 🇯🇵 🇨🇳 🇰🇷

a1 b1 c1 d1
a2 b2 c2 d2
a3 b3 c3 d3

This page or section is in the Japanese language?.
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hnishy/Sandbox: How to show more than 10 moves in a diagram

Checkered Board to help read ladders

assume "o" as blue circle  

The chessboard is checkered to show diagonals clearly. Why not on the Go board?

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