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The game has ended, and since hindsight is 20/20 let's review. A lot of the moves have allready been discussed but there are still some left.

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Move 12

Move 12  

fractic: I did not like W12 as played in the game very much. It doesn't pressure black as much as a would and it doesn't protect the corner as much as b would. Not to mention that a move around c looks possible due to Black's strange shape. Any thoughts?

unkx80: I don't know this well enough to make a good assessment, but you should note that White a may promote Black d. I find W12 as played in the game a rather annoying move for Black, because it leaves e open and yet Black has no good local reply.

Move 30

Variation for white 30  

fractic: Black has just played black+circle and white invaded at a'with W30. As mentioned in the earlier discussion this takes advantage of the fact that black+circle wasn't played b. W30 may indeed have been the last chance to invade the corner I'm not convinced the timing is right.

White allready has 2 corners on the right and the option to take a good part of the lower left corner aswell. How about instead forcing with W1 and following up with one of the circle. This would help the white group in the top left so that if black later closes the corners with B6 an invasion at c might still be possible.

Variation for white 30  

unkx80: In this case, playing the clamp at W1 before peeking at W3 would be an interesting preposition.

Move 65

Actual game moves from 61  

Scenario: White has just played W4. Black is trapped. the peep of B5 has been critisized bcause of White W6 potential move.

alternative play from move 65  

If you think White W68 is wrong, please give your variation above this diagram.

If Black B69 at 'a', White W70 at 'c'.

Black a, White c continuation  

If Black 1 doesn't kill White's corner with circle, the cut at Square should allow Black to connect out.

If Black B69 at 'b', White W70 at 'd'.

Black b, White d continuation  

Black has too many liberties for this attack to be effective.

If Black B69 at 'c', White W70 at 'd'.

Black c, White d continuation  

White has won the corner if Black plays like this.

If Black B69 at 'd', White W70 at 'e'.

Black d, White e continuation  

Followed by Black 'a', White 'b', Black 'c'. Black seems Okay with this continuation.

If Black B69 at 'e', White W70 at 'f'.

Black e, White f continuation  

If Black B69 at 'f', White W70 at 'e'.

Black f, White e continuation  

Flow of the game

unkx80: It is difficult to describe what the flow of the game is like, to me it is something that is pretty much an acquired feeling. Here I try to give a commentary mainly on the flow of the game as best as I can.

Moves 1-10  

unkx80: W6 is not proactive, but B7 has the feel of chasing Black's already strong group from behind. But overall, both Black and White seem to play with the flow.

Moves 11-20  

unkx80: With the bottom left side still weak, it seems premature to tenuki to play B11. But when B13 gets to go back and patch up, the position looks pretty okay, as if the flow was not broken. The only thing I am not sure is, what is gained or lost by the exchange of B1 and W2.

unkx80: W16 seems somewhat against the flow by deliberately entering the corner instead of making an extension on the upper side, inviting B17 to separate W14 and W16. However, I cannot say for definite that W16 is a bad move.

Moves 21-30  

unkx80: W26 has been criticized for making too narrow an extension, but till W28 the flow is there.

unkx80: For B29 I would not play a large knight's move to invite an invasion into the corner, I would consider a or b. Balance in territory is important.

Moves 31-40  

unkx80: B35 followed by B37 are two tenukis, but no big harm here. But with W36, there is always a danger that White might just peep at a first. Actually W34 seems like poor technique, I would prefer B35 to finish the sequence by playing at W40 first to obtain sente, and then come back to either B35 or b.

Moves 41-50  

unkx80: I would have thought that Black should finish the corner business before playing at B41. Because things do get slightly complicated after W42. This is what flow is about. When B43 comes back to hane, W44 missed a chance to peep at W6, but B45 is a mistake that allows the peep at W46. There are errors in B47 and B49, but I can sense the overall flow of these moves.

Moves 51-60  

B55 and B57 are the first two moves that start to make the game messy. Actually, it shows some technique by allowing black+circle not to be captured, but I am not sure of the utility of these two Black stones stuck against the White wall should Black escapes with a. Definitely, these two moves are somewhat against the flow.

Moves 61-70  

unkx80: W62 is generally thinking but seems to have a shape problem, but B63 is very wild and against expectations.

unkx80: W66 is too weak a move, should definitely first consider either B67 or a, whichever is the better move would require reading.

unkx80: B69 is like pushing the cart from the rear, probably a would make a better move locally. But it also shows the dubious value of B63. Actually, B69 can also consider responding to W68 with b or c, making the black+circle stones work better.

unkx80: W70 might be better played at d.

Moves 71-80  

unkx80: The flow in this diagram is generally smooth, although I do admit that I am a little surprised that W72 didn't put up more resistance. I already made some comments on B75, and B77 has also been commented upon. Owing to the weakness induced by B75, B79 can consider playing at a instead to strengthen the group.

Moves 81-90  

unkx80: W82 is a beautiful move, which Black responded with B83, so the sequence from W84 onwards to separate the five stones becomes natural. However, it is so against the flow and cost a lot of points to throw the five Black stones away. Isn't there a chance for Black to play B89 in sente at some point in the sequence to gurantee connection?

Moves 91-100  

unkx80: The tenuki at B93 leaves unfinished business at the bottom right corner, and W94 is very big, leaving almost no aji in the area. The five Black stones appear to be sacrificed without appropriate compensation. At the bare minimum, B93 should be played at W94, getting the three White stones in sente.

unkx80: With moves like B97 followed by B99, flow is almost absent in this diagram.

Tapir: B97 was played as "big endgame" according to the comment. According to my positional judgement black was going to lose without doing something more active (maybe i have a different line in mind here, i thought black gave up the bottom right already with B97) so I started the fight with B99. So I intentionally brake the flow of the game - but to give black a last chance according to my reasoning. (I marked the expected sequence in the diagram. The five black stones are dead, and black will most probably lose sente here by capturing W98. This doesn't look promising for black imo. That was my reasoning back then. But I didn't see during the game, that white needs one more move to defend here after e.)

Moves 101-110  

unkx80: Just as an attack is underway, especially with the soft move of W6, B7 has to break the flow and tenuki. No doubt B7 is a big move, but W8 is even larger, giving more breathing room to the White dragon and significantly reducing Black's framework. B7 has to continue the attack with a, and I am pretty sure that Black will eventually get sente and come back to play B7.

Moves 111-120  

unkx80: Can B11 live? I do not know. W12 and W14 are so against the flow by leaving the business at the lower right side unfinished, but probably because some members of the White team think that White is behind and needs extraordinary moves to turn the game around.

unkx80: B15 should finish the business at the bottom right corner. The value of B11, B13, and B15 at W16 or W18, is definitely more than forty points because it saves the five Black stones as well as turning White's corner into Black's. On the other hand, even with W12 and W14, the reduction of Black's framework is definitely less than thirty points. So the exchange is very much favourable for Black if B15 finished the business.

unkx80: With W16 connecting, Black has to make life, but saving the five stones is still very large. This helped Black to turn the game around.

Moves 121-130  

unkx80: W24 is an overplay, the responses at B25 and B27 are good. Note that Black a is sente against the corner White group.

unkx80: Attaching at B29 is bad style, but it still works.

Moves 131-140  

unkx80: White's chances of living is small, so the White team decided to resign.

fractic: Note that black a or b would threaten to kill the corner with a monkey jump. Because of this White can't make good eyespace along the bottom.

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