Murakawa Daisuke

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Murakawa Daisuke (村川大介)

Murakawa Daisuke (村川大介, b. 14 December 1990 in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Pref., Japan) is a Japanese, professional 9-dan of the Kansai Kiin.

In 2010, he qualified for the main tournament of the Samsung Cup by winning four straight games in the preliminaries. In 2012, he qualified for the main tournament of the 4th BC Card Cup by winning 3 games in the preliminaries. He was a member of the Japanese team at the 14th Nongshim Cup. In 2013 Murakawa won the League B of the 38th Kisei, in his first apparence. In 2014 he won his first major title, the 62nd Oza, against then six-major-title-holder Iyama Yuta. He won the 3rd round of the 50th Tengen-Tournament against Ida Atsushi.

Rank Promotion

  • 2002-11-01: 1-dan, overtook Yuki Satoshi as youngest pro ever at Kansai Kiin
  • 2004-06-21: 2-dan
  • 2005-06-30: 3-dan, for accumulating 40 wins
  • 2007-04-11: 4-dan, for prize money earnings
  • 2008-04-11: 5-dan, for prize money earnings
  • 2010: 7-dan, for winning the 54th Kansai Kiin First Place Championship
  • 2014: 8-dan, for winning the 62nd Oza
  • 2019: 9-dan, for winning the 57th Judan after Oza.


Other Achievements

  • At the end of 2010, Murakawa was the Japanese pro with [ext] most wins of the year with 48.

Career Record

Year Total Win Loss Win %
2003 28 14 14 50.0%
2004 37 24 13 64.9%
2005 23 13 10 56.5%
2006 39 27 12 69.2%
2007 35 21 14 60.0%
2008 36 25 11 69.4%
2009 37 27 10 73.0%
2010 64 48 16 75.0%
2011 50 35 15 70.0%
2012 47 32 15 68.9%
2013-10-05 46 33 13 71.7%
Total 442 299 143 67.8%



choi cheolhan murakawa daisuke nongshim cup 2012 (Image credit: 0)
choi cheolhan murakawa daisuke nongshim cup 2012 (Image credit:

Old Discussion

DaveSigaty: Murakawa Daisuke is a 6th grade elementary school student in Hyogo-ken, Japan (October 2002). He qualified as professional shodan in the Kansai Ki-in qualifying tournament on October 11, 2002. At the age of 11 years 10 months he is 1 month older than Cho Chikun was when he qualified and is the second-youngest pro ever in modern Japanese Go.

John Fairbairn: I think you'll find he hasn't made it to the record books yet. He has to be approved by the Assessors Panel and his performance as an insei has to be ratified by the Kansai Ki-in Board of Directors. The earliest he can be accepted is 1 November. If he is, at that point he also becomes the youngest Kansai Ki-in pro ever, just ahead of Yuki Satoshi. If there's just a few days delay (i.e.after 4 November) he will be counted as 11 years 11 months. SL fans seem to be Hikaru no Go fans too, so you may wish to know his favourite character is Isumi. I think Murakawa probably already holds the records for youngest ever tsumego problem creator and number created. I think that tells you where his strength lies. It will be good to keep an eye on his rivalry with other local boy Iyama Yuta, who was the first Japanese pro born in the Heisei era. He's at the Nihon Ki-in but in its Kansai Branch. With Hikaru no Go and now real live PRE-teenybopper rivals, Japanese go is back on the way up (recent club figures confirm this).

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