The Captain

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A strong amateur from Vancouver, Canada. Plays as a 4d on KGS and generally draws a lot of spectators due to his spectacular style of play, always trying to surround and kill large dragons. Fights over temporary sekis that spread over the whole board are not uncommon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the Captain ever do anything other than play go?

A: Yes, he actually has a job in real life. :)

Q: Does this job involve sailing around the world?

A: Actually, no, it doesn't.

Q: Is that picture really of the Captain?

A: No, it's from some movie.

Q: How long has the Captain been playing go?

A: 34 years.

Q: What is the Captain's favourite Fuseki?

A: Play two takamoku, then jump to the middle game.

Q: How to summarize the Captain's style?

A: Oldsan 7d did it in one word: thick.

-- mgoetze

cubyrop: It should be made mention of that because of his distinctive and fearless style, TheCaptain is one of the more influential players on KGS, with many erstwhile power-seekers emulating his brand of play, to varying degrees of success.

Also, Cap'n has mentioned that he has recently tamed his style a bit, and this change can be seen in his recent games. For great fun, check out [ext] his matches against Danoontje.

Seen in the kibitz of a high dan game on KGS (Captain was not involved):

 weaker [5d]: time to resign ?
 Hungary [4d]: time to show some captain-like spirit
 HeboOyaji [7d]: captain the best

You know you've been watching too many Captain games when you come into one in the middle and know right away which color Captain is playing without even looking at the side panel. (ChrisVolk?: This is no more true since his style has changed.)

TheCaptain is a reknowned practitioner of the art of osimato.

TheCaptain's nemesis is, of course, erc--but his worst enemy is illidan.

from: [ext]

Dino Mario Cremonese

Amateur 5-dan from Vancouver (Canada). Plays as “TheCaptain” on KGS and generally draws a lot of observers due to his spectacular playing style. The president of two mineral exploration companies (Teuton Resources Corp. and Minvita Enterprises Ltd.). Learned Go in 1972, reached 5-dan in 1977. Best tournament result: 1994 Fujitsu cup in Houston, beat Janice Kim 1-dan pro in even game.

ilan: You're a couple of days late.

See also:

Zalfor: I will show you the error in your ways... T_T

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