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KGS is great for learning how to play. But what if you're a beginner who can't afford (or isn't far enough along yet for) paid lessons?

Fortunately, there are a number of people who play regularly on KGS who are willing to help new players out for free. We're not all shodans, but we've got a few tips we can offer (after you've read all of the Beginner Study Section of course).

If you're willing to help new players (like people helped you when you were new), list your name here so beginners can find us, and we'll keep the cycle going.

Strength / KGS Name / Real Name

5D / jwaytogo or jenesis / Will give beginner lessons or play teaching games
4D / victim / Thomas Kettenring
2D / aa2 / Andrew Martinez
2D / Malcolm or Malcolm2 / Malcolm I'll review games from 8kyu or stronger, or teach 14kyu or stronger. Only short lessons, 15 minutes or so.
1D / shusaku1? PM me and I will try to review your game in 24 hours or less. 10k or stronger please. If weaker than 10k and I'm online I could do a short lesson or play a teaching game.
1D / vorpal / Paul - Will review games any time I'm online.
1D / Mitsuomi? Marko - Feel free to ask for anything. ^^
1D / meki / Arthur Zimek
2k / arthur / Stefan
2k / Mochi / wChen
2k / Mef / Marc W.
2k / Tyler / Tyler Sellon
3k / meditation aka. jared
4k / Tasky / willing to help, I speak english, italian and german
5k / coldnight / micheal kris (i am stronger than most players my level my english is not perfect but i am a very experienced teacher)
5k / lavalyn
5k / pr4wn / glad to try to help. zapraszam.
5k / urusainaa / Will teach anyone up to my rank. Japanese/English both ok.
6k / browncow and MrBurns, just ask for help
6k /fernobob / willing to teach anyone of a lower rank.
6k / SirRobin / Nacho
7k / Monestri
7k / jocelyn
7k / scartol / Eric Piotrowski
7k / skydiver / Tomas Bjorklund
7k / Timber / Simon S.
8k / AdamKensai / Adam Marquis
8k / jraitsev / just ask :). most of the time i will play as jraitsev2
8k / kristall / giving teaching for 12k n weaker, just ask, review in german also possible
8k / Munisai / Feel free to leave a message or open a chat.
8k / Worthless / Teaching 16k and lower in the KGS Teaching Ladder. I usually ask or open a game there.
9k / ujio/ ask me and i will try my best to help you^^
9k / Alejo / Teaching 13k and lower. Send me a message or leave a comment on my site.
9k / JasonD / Jason D.
9k / LithiumTwo / enjoys chatting, only teaching those of around 15k (give or take a few stones) right now.
10k / tsjanl / Jan-Willem Swane
12k / archer42 / Adam
12k/ sjd123/ Can only teach English speaking. Will teach or review a game of anyone 20-30 kyu
12k / Anduinas / Will teach who I can.
13k / VM looking for someone around 25k. Will tutor until you are about 20k.
13k / Nealo / Neal Wright
13k / GilbertLB / Gilbert Le Blanc - Feel free to open a chat window or leave a message for me.
10k / ujio / ill help whoever i can with what i can:)
18k / CountDooku looking for student from 30k to 25 k. I accept english-speaking students only to avoid miscommunication
19k / akimatsu / looking for students who are 23K and under. Also looking for teachers.Only teach/take lessons on weekends. (Timezone: GMT+8)
29k(?) / erfael / Joey O. (Pretty new, not sure of actual ranking yet, but very willing to help with anything I have)

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