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This page is considered superfluous or obsolete and will be removed. If you object against removing this page, kindly remove the removal template from the page content, give an explanatory note in the summary and possibly improve the page or linkage to it, so that its purpose becomes clearer.
Reason: no one uses this page as a maintenance tool anymore. Instead, I go to Distance from frontpage to deal with those unreachable. I think this page has lost its purpose

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Content pages

This list contains normal pages about one topic that are not referenced. You can help to keep Sensei's Library tidy by doing one of the following (and adding your name):

find a family
If you know of a page that would gain from having a link to the orphan, enter the link and delete the entry from this list, or
mark as "delete"
if the page is obsolete, which means that the whole page with its context will be deleted (after a sanity check[10]).

List of orphaned content pages


This list contains alias pages that are not referenced. Often, this is a good thing: It may indicate that there are several ways to call a topic, but Sensei's Library is consistent in using only the main term. This list is filled automatically.

Mark these with one of the following (and add your name):

if the term is obsolete, such as typos (Arno will delete them after a sanity check), or
otherwise, as long as there's some chance that someone may use the term.

List of orphaned aliases



[10] Arno: I make sure that it is still an orphan when I delete a page listed here. Usually I even look at the page history if I'm unsure that a page should be deleted.

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