Empty triangle

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  Difficulty: Introductory   Keywords: Shape, Go term

Chinese: 空三角 (kong1 san1 jiao3)
Japanese: 空き三角, アキ三角 (akisankaku)
Korean: 빈삼각 (bin sam gak)

Empty triangle  

This shape is an empty triangle, empty referring to the unoccupied point at circle. Most people like to say that the empty triangle is bad, being inefficient and prone to shortage of liberties.

In contrast, the full triangle, with a White stone at circle, is good shape. This does not stop the existence of it being the best move on the board in some situations - good empty triangle.


W1 is a hane on the second line. Black may fear what happens if he blocks. In the left diagram he creates an empty triangle. Things get worse with W3, wrapping around it and reducing the liberties to 3. In the right diagram, B2 forces W3 to connect and B4 creates good shape with three in a row.

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Paths: <= Mistake =>   ·   <= Shape Collection =>
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