Farmer's Hat

    Keywords: Shape, Go term

Chinese: 丁四 (ding1 si4)
Japanese: 陣笠 (jingasa)
Korean: 삿갓

Farmer's hat  

The farmer's hat is a Korean go term adapted into English. It is a bad shape, named by analogy is to the cone-shaped straw hat worn by medieval Japanese warriors and later farmers. It is essentially an empty triangle with an extra stone added to form a second empty triangle, and bad for the same reasons that the empty triangle is bad.

The farmer's hat may also refer to the four-space T-shape killable eye shape, please refer to pyramid four for the killable eye shape.

Bad shape  

W5 is almost always bad. White should normally play at a or b instead.

White's shape after W5 is called jingasa in Japanese, which corresponds to the Korean term (See [ext] here and [ext] here). However, jingasa is also defined as having two empty triangles (see [ext] here , [ext] here, and The Go Player's Almanac), which this shape does not, so there is some uncertainty about whether this example is correct usage.

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