Double threat

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  Difficulty: Intermediate   Keywords: Tesuji

The kind of double threat that we consider here occurs when a move threatens two different follow-up moves in such a way that the opponent cannot prevent both of them. These two follow-up moves are said to be miai. A double peep is a classic example of a double threat. Another example is double atari. Double ladder breakers are also another example of a double threat.

Another kind of double threat is when a play on a particular point of the board is a threat both when this point is played by Black and by White. E.g. a double ko threat.


Destroying eye space  

White plays W1. This move threatens to connect to both the left and the right and is therefore very effective to destroy Black's eye space.

B2 is a double threat  

This example comes from [ext] this commentary on a game from the 51st Oza tournament between Kato Masao (White) and Lin HaiFeng. Kato did not play W1, which would allow the double threat of B2. B2 threatens both a and b, which are miai.


Black to play  

Black to play an effective double threat.


Examples contributed by: Bill, Chris and Unkx80.

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