Descent tesuji

  Difficulty: Beginner   Keywords: Tesuji

This descent tesuji is a simple but easy-to-overlook way to gain a liberty, in corner capturing races:

B1 gains a liberty  

It looks as if Black has lost this race, with three liberties against four. But B1 will create a shortage of liberties for White, who will have to spend an extra approach move:

Black wins the capturing race  

The hane at B1 is a mistake. White can force a ko with the throw-in at W2 followed by an atari at W4.


Reducing White's liberties any other way leads to failure, as W2 occupies the vital point.

The descent tesuji in the end game

End game  

The descent tesuji also has its uses in the endgame. B1 is a smart way to defend against a White cut at a. After B1 a white play at 'b'' becomes an auto atari

For other descent tesuji see:

This move is sometimes called sagari in English, but according to John F. this term would not be used here in Japanese, the right term is orikiri.

Bill: John can speak for himself, but, as I read his comments, he indicated that for descents to the first line, the term orikiri is preferred.
In any event, Segoe and Go Seigen refer to this particular tesuji as sagari in their Tesuji Dictionary. Also, Sakata uses sagari for descents to the first line in Tesuji and Anti-Suji of Go.


GNUgo vs MFGo Comparison

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